Bienvenidos a Cabo!

Any travelers will tell their friends and family they are heading to ‘Cabo,’ but in fact this isn’t really a destination. Los Cabos is the name of the tourist zone found in the South of the Baja Peninsula made up of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and the Corridor. Each of these areas has their own feel and is a good match for someone, but they are definitely different and easy to tell a part once you’ve visited. All three will have you flying into the Los Cabos airport; a clean and modern airport that is spacious and easy to navigate. Once you clear customs, the main exit takes you to taxis, shuttles, pre-arranged transfers and of course a bar to make sure you know you’re in Mexico. The overall atmosphere of the region is still Mexican, but a chicer and richer feel than other prominent resort areas. There are times you may feel as if you’re traveling through Southern California, but there is enough of a difference you know that’s not where you are. Either way, you will hear plenty of English and there is no need to exchange the US dollar for pesos, the people are friendly and tourists can relax knowing they are in a safe place. Travelers to this area should be cautioned that most beaches are considered non-swimmable and while there are boutique hotel options, most accommodation options are larger hotels or all-inclusive resorts lining the coasts of both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.  While this destination does attract tourists from all backgrounds and origins, budget travelers may not find the same deals as they do in other resort areas.

San Jose del Cabo is the furthest north of the three. It is the most authentic and the oldest of them all as well; in fact it has history rooted in Spanish trade. The village itself has streets lined with small one-story buildings selling food, beverages and local arts and crafts. There is a Spanish Mission Church in the town square that pays homage to both the Missionaries and the native peoples that resisted religious conversion.  While there aren’t many resorts located within the city limits, there are some nearby and many that offer shuttle services or taxis readily available for a day-visit. Lining the Sea of Cortez, many resorts are built into the seaside cliffs and their beaches are regarded as non-swimmable due to the severe undertow found here. However, the water color is green and clear affording boaters fabulous views of the marine life below; reminiscent of the Caribbean.  There aren’t as many resorts found  here as the Corridor and Cabo San Lucas, but one that stands out is the Barcelo Los Cabos Palace Deluxe.

Barcelo resorts are found world-wide and can greatly vary depending on location and the type of resort. The ‘Palace’ line of their all-inclusive properties are considered to be their higher-end properties. This one happens to be a 4.5* resort and is great for families looking for an upper-scale vacation. The grounds are large and spacious, built similarly to the resorts found on the East coast of Mexico; tall buildings built around a central courtyard area facing the beach. It features several restaurants and bars, on-site shopping, beautiful large pools and the biggest group facilities in all of Los Cabos, plus a convenient location near the new Convention Center. Rooms feature a built-in computer/TV screen that controls most of the room functions; room temperature, blinds, etc… It also offers access to complimentary Internet services. Rooms are spacious and come with all the modern amenities, beautiful, clean bathrooms and stellar views. While the resort houses 619 rooms there is a space for everyone and the resort, while large, never feels too big or crowded. While the beach here is non-swimmable, there is a long stretch of white-sand for beach-walkers and sunbathers. San Jose del Cabo is within walking distance for those who wish to venture off the property, but with all the activities, dining options and on-site shopping, you wouldn’t have to if you didn’t want to


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