How Big is Too Big? Moon Palace Cancun

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How Big is Too Big? Moon Palace Cancun

I visited the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun for the first time.  I have been to Cancun and the Riviera Maya many times, but never had the opportunity to stay here before.  When we arrived at the Moon Palace, my initial impression was just how BIG this resort is.  With 2300+ rooms, the sheer size is quite impressive.

There are two check in desks, and another separate check in for events.  That was where we checked in, was in the event center.  They were very organized, and our rooms were all ready.  Once checked in, I walked to my room for the first time.  Yah….it was about a 10 minute walk from the event center to my room, and I was in the Sombrero building, which was one of the closest buildings.  Got to my room, threw my stuff down, and walked to the pool.  Yep, another 10-12 minute walk from my room to the main pool area.

For the next 4 days, I walked back and forth and back and forth from my room to the event center and over to the conference rooms.  Each time, getting all my steps in for the day!  Did yoga in the morning, workouts in the afternoon, and workshops throughout the day.  I was visiting the resort for the Funjet Summit, and they treated us well.  I learned a lot, the classes were fabulous!

The beach was great actually!  There was a bit of seaweed, which I know that there are tons of comments about this, and yes, I concur, it’s a bit of an issue, but the cranes work diligently to keep it clean and looking nice and there are lots of areas where the seaweed isn’t much of an issue at all.

The rooms are spacious and nice.  My room had 2 double beds and a jacuzzi in the main part of the room.  The bathroom was fine but not over large.  Every room seems to have a hammock out on the balcony.  Mine was a corner room on the building, so mine didn’t have the hammock, but still a large balcony and great view of the ocean.

Overall impression of the resort is that it’s great for families and couples and absolutely has something for everyone here.  My only stipulation is that it’s huge and if anyone has mobility issues, that could become an issue.  There are golf carts everywhere, and there are rooms that have the golf cart included, but that wasn’t my experience.  Oh, and another thing, my room was on the side of the resort that seemed to have more wildlife and critters, I seen hundreds of geckos and grasshoppers in my many walks back and forth.  One day I even spotted 2 deer, munching on the grass.  What a treat!!!  Love it here!

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