Nancy Winter

Disney with Toddlers

I traveled with my 2.5 and 1 year old granddaughters to Walt Disney World … what a trip it was! It was a good learning experience for

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After winning two years in the World’s Leading Destination [ awarded by World Travel Awards ], Portugal reinforced its credentials as the country for everyone. With

Leslie Strowbridge

Underwater Adventures in Belize

Thinking about where to escape to the winter? Maybe my snorkeling pictures from Belize will give you inspiration. I’ve never seen such a variety of sea life, nor have

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Where to Go from Los Angeles

A recent survey conducted by Travel Leaders Group finds that people are interested in going farther afield on vacation. With more options for flights, accommodations and activities,

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Explore Washington, D.C. in the Summer

WASHINGTON D.C. With an abundance of museums, monuments and landmarks, it’s always a great time to visit Washington, D.C. And if you venture a little farther, the

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Where to Travel to Watch Championship Games

 If you’re a fan who has a trip to your favorite national or international sports competition on your bucket list, you’re not alone.   Luxury sports tour

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Your Luxury Vacation Bucket List

Luxury travel isn’t solely about the level of accommodations anymore. These days, it’s also about the unique experiences, personalized itineraries and destinations that travelers can choose around