Raving Review on a Hawaiian Family Getaway

hawaii-turtleI just wanted to let you know you did a great job for us in Hawaii.  We had a blast!  Mike’s flights worked out great and the timing of our flights meshing with theirs couldn’t have been better.  Mike and his family had a great time at the Sheraton in Kona and Mike got a chance to go night diving.  He said it was the experience of a lifetime.  We had lots of fun with the grandkids on Kauai and Maui.  Brecken (age 5) snorkeled like a pro without any instruction.  We found the best coral we have ever seen anywhere and huge schools of beautiful fish when we snorkeled off the beach in front of the Westin Ocean Villas (beyond the black rock) on Kaanapali and would recommend it to anyone.  It was not at all crowded, unlike the black rock (Sheraton) and the surf was more gentle too.  Brecken and Mike also took surf lessons on Maui from Maui Surfer Girls and they were excellent.  Brecken had a private 2 hour lesson and after a little practice on land went out on her own board with the instructor on a separate board and got right up all by herself.  She loved it.  When she got tired, the instructor put her on a board with her and the instructor caught the wave and stayed down and let Brecken stand up and ride the wave in.  We have a picture of Brecken and Mike riding a wave side by side.


Our “R and R” time in Honolulu after we sent the kids back home went really well too.  The Hotel Renew was a perfect choice for us although I would give people a little more heads up on how to just double park out front on the street to check in since there is no real place to pull in.  The staff was very helpful and friendly, the room good and the location was perfect for us.  We ate at some “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives”  places around the island and actually spent most of our time away from Honolulu seeing some of the towns and beaches we haven’t been to before.  We ate at Nicos on Pier 38 just before boarding out flight back home.  A great ending for a great vacation.


Thanks for all your help with this adventure and we look forward to your help with the next one.

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