Client Testimonial: Destination Wedding – Negril, Jamaica

Hello Hannah.

I hope you are well. I want to extend you a huge thank you from both Jon and I. Our situation was crazy I know, and things were quite difficult, with us and our families:). You handled things beautifully,perfectly and went above and beyond anything you needed to do. I was taking with a co-worker ( who has a very similar style to me) about a real-estate agent she was using and didn’t like- and we were talking about how we are both very specific people in our needs for communication, with details and that we are both nice and polite, but controlling and want things done our way- most people in customer service don’t meet either of our needs for efficiency or they are rude with our odd and specific requests, a lot of sighing, ignoring, and refusing to help from people.  I used you as an example of the perfect person for “our types” and as an example as an exceptional customer service professional/model.  I told her that you allowed me to be a little crazy and specific you were efficient and organized, communicated whenever needed and appropriately and you were so kind to me in accommodating my sometimes over the top needs. I have never worked with anyone before who was able to handle things with me as well as you did. So thank you. Here are a few pictures. Our wedding and trip was perfect. Thank you x a million.


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Leisure Travel Specialist at Travel Leaders (Stillwater Office)

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