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Founded in 1981

With over 30 years of perfecting our craft, Concert and Study Tours custom-designs each tour to reflect the distinct interests and expectations of your group. Our work enables you to share your music across the globe, allowing you to gain a deeper appreciation of history, art, music, customs and cultures.

Our history of personalized attention and care brings you:
  • Customized All-Inclusive Performance Tours.
  • Appreciative and enthusiastic audiences.
  • Concert performances at inspirational venues.
  • Unique cultural and sightseeing opportunities.
  • Trusted concert sponsors who promote your concerts and provide home stays.

Two levels of Service

Whether you desire a fully customized Concert Tour package with booked performances, home stays and sightseeing or just want help planning your transportation and lodging, Concert and Study Tours can provide you with excellent guidance and service, with the most choices and the best price.

Customized All Inclusive Concert Tour Package

  • Concert Bookings
  • Promotion of your group through our network of Concert Sponsors and publicity of your performances
  • All Transportation including; air, sea, or land travel
  • Accommodations that reflect your needs and budget
  • Home Stays, a unique Concert and Study Tours cultural experience
  • Breakfast and Evening Meals
  • Customized Sightseeing with local guides and/or tour escort in order to experience the full culture and history of your destinations. Including fees, admissions costs and tips for guides.
  • Option to coordinate with college/university specific study or course for credit
  • Tour Escort Services available

Travel and Accommodations Tour Package

  • All Transportation including: air, sea or land travel
  • Accommodations reflecting your needs and budget
  • Breakfast daily and other meals according to your requirements
  • Other optional services available

One of the most rewarding and unique ways to experience another culture is to share in a meal around the family table.   As dishes are passed from hand to hand, different languages, customs and surroundings encourage you to see your world from a new perspective.   Home stays allow you to hear stories of life from another land.   As you and your group share your lives and music you become ambassadors for what is important to you.

Home stays are arranged through our Concert Sponsors.  Their commitment to host you and your group members in their homes builds the anticipation of your arrival in their community.   As their guests, your hosts enthusiastically promote your Concert performance creating a musically appreciative audience that takes personal joy in applauding your music.

Home stays also provide an opportunity to ease the expense of international traveling. Concert and Study Tours will work closely with you to determine what number of Home Stays is right for your group.

An Interview from their stay: American students got new mothers and fathers: It’s always a bit sad when we go back

Singing the Praises of Concert and Study Tours in Italy 

Naomi Gamble Zupfer, the concert tour coordinator from Concert and Study Tours, recently traveled throughout Italy to meet with potential concert sponsors. With a number of university and college concert choirs making international touring plans which include Italy, this opportunity was important and timely.

Naomi was able to visit concert venues and meet face to face with Italian contacts, connecting with mayors, pastors and priests, rectors and concert series organizers. The ten-day tour included Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome, as well as numerous smaller cities and villages throughout the neighboring regions who look forward to hosting concerts by fine choirs from the United States (and beyond) well into the future.


Naomi Gamble Zupfer, Concert Tour Coordinator for Concert and Study Tours, a division of Travel Leaders, had the exciting opportunity to travel to Ireland and England in October 2012. On the ten-day tour, Ms. Zupfer met with concert sponsors in the Irish cities of Galway, Limerick, Cork, Kilkenny and Dublin. Oxford and the Bedford area were the focus of her two short days in England.

Ms. Zupfer stated, “It is not only important to find the perfect concert venues for our groups (choirs and chamber ensembles of varying sizes), but it is exceedingly important to establish relationships with these concert sponsors as friends and hosts for our groups. This is the main reason directors want to return again and again to places where they feel welcome, at home, and where the audiences come out in droves to support them!”

If you know of a touring ensemble who may be interested in visiting Ireland and the U.K. in the future years on a concert tour, please contact Concert and Study Tours to begin planning your ideal routing.

Naomi Zupfer

Concert and Study Tours

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