Travel to Africa, Kenya and Beyond

Kenya, Africa
Nowhere else in the world are the opportunities so rich in experiencing wildlife and outdoor scenery. There is an abundance of authentic scenic glamour including vistas of rolling savannah, high Kikuyu moorlands, dense forests bursting, the shimmering desert, and the beautiful white sandy beach coastline.

Most visitors, however, go to Kenya to see the game reserves. The Swahili word “safari” (literally, journey) wouldn’t mean much to most people if it wasn’t for this East African adventure land. Revered by anthropologists as the “cradle of humanity.” Kenya is also the heart of African safari country, boasting the most diverse collection of wild animals on the continent.

Beyond Kenya
A beautiful and extremely diverse land, there’s so much more to Africa than going on Safari. If you’re interested in birding, golfing, religious tours, historical tours — it’s all available in Africa. You can travel by Camel while exploring the Pyramids of Egypt. How about a day on the beach in Morocco? Maybe a trip to Victoria Falls is what you seek. What about a dive of the warm costal waters?

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