Traveling West:   Head to California. Drive along the California Coastline – Pacific Coast Highway, Visit Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Venice Beach, Hollywood and Disneyland. Don’t miss the beauty of San Diego or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran.  For all of you wine lovers swing by Napa Valley. In Seattle you can visit Pugent Sound and the famous Pike Place Market for some fresh seafood. There are endless State/Nationals Parks open for tourists including; Yellowstone, Arches, Yosemite, and Zion just to name a few. In need of the ultimate nightlife experience then jet off to Las Vegas



Traveling East:
In New York City you can stroll through Central Park. See the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. Travel further south and see Mount Vernon in Virginia. You must see is of course the Nations Capital in Washington, D.C. Travel to see the gorgeous waterfronts in Portland, Maine or the White Mountains in New Hampshire. For all you baseball fans … catch a baseball game at Fenway in Boston.




Traveling North:
Find your way to the windy city Chicago do some shopping, eat pizza and explore the streets. Glacier National Park in Montana has endless beauty wherever you turn. The Badlands in South Dakota or Mount Rushmore won’t disappoint. Find your way to Minnesota and enjoy the numerous lakes and shopping at the Mall of America.




Traveling South: 
New Orleans for the traditional Mardi Gras. Find your way to one of the oldest cities in America; Charleston, South Carolina. If you need sand between your toes head to the beach beach, Gulf Coast National Shore. For the ultimate family vacation head to Orlando and visit Disneyworld to see Mickey Mouse. Texas offers the ultimate scene for food and country.

Hurricane Season
Mid-May to the end of November hurricanes are most popular on the South-East Coast.

Hot and dry conditions with strong winds often lead to wildfires during the Summer. Wildfires occur mainly on the West Coast (California).

Volcanic Activity
Be advised when traveling to a destination that has volcanoes

Tornadoes occur mostly in the Midwest, but can happy anywhere in the U.S. Most popular in between March – May

Florida: Rainest months in South Florida are September. Orlando has the highest levels of rain in June
Seattle: Rain is almost unavoidable, but November 1st is generally the start of rainy season
Las Vegas: The hottest and most unbearable month of the year is in July.