Europe By Train

Traveling by train in Europe is fun, easy and comfortable!  There are many high speed and regional trains that can get you to most European cities.  The stations are usually in city center.

Most train stations are historical.  Make sure you take a picture!

When I took the TVG from Nice to Paris, check in was painless.  You need to only arrive 30 minutes prior.  There were no long check in or security lines. I put my ticket under the scanner and away I went.  It took about 5 minutes standing in line.

You do need to know your train car number to make sure you are on the correct car. Once you are on your way, you can get up and move around as much as you want plus check out the snack car.

On the TVG, I bought a food voucher.  On the Eurostar, I was in first class and the food was complementary.

I recommend first class when possible. In first class you will receive wider and often plusher seats, more elbow and leg room and sometimes a more formal atmosphere. Tables at every seat, with power sockets for your laptop or mobile phone.

Remember there is no luggage limits or fees but you have to carry your luggage on the train yourself. 

 I do recommend travel insurance in case of lost tickets or a strike. 

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