Our Favorite Things: Magic Bands

Not only are we super excited about the introduction to PURPLE in the line up of free Magic Bands, but OMG have you looked at all the little trinkets and treasures you can add on to customize and pretty-up your Magic Band?

Here are a few of our fav’s!!!!

Bit Belts:  These nifty little things provide a secure way to fasten your Magic Band so you don’t lose it.  Oh yes, it happens to the best of us!!!  This is especially helpful if you’ve spent time and extra money on a custom Magic Band, you don’t want to have all of that go to waste!

Disney Store Magic Bands:  When you stay onsite and book your official package with us, you get the standard color.  If you decide to stay offsite instead, you can still utilize the amazing Magic Bands too!  Or perhaps you just want the coolest Magic Band on the block.

Wraps:  For a lesser expensive and still waterproof option to dazzle up your Magic Band, try Magic Your Band wraps and decals.

Decals:  There are tons and tons of fun decals out there.  Etsy is my favorite, I love the fun options.  I think my favorite is the Peter Pan gang flying around the Magic Band!!!

Enjoy customizing YOUR Magic Bands!!!!

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