Flight to Australia and the Australia Zoo

Another new best friend!

Our Amazing Aussie Adventure! The adventure began in Minneapolis, where we flew to Los Angeles to catch our flight on Air New Zealand. We did have a 5 hour layover in LA. It’s true that is a very long time but with the flight times, it is what worked best. We made the best of it, but it was a long 5 hours!! We flew on Air New Zealand via Auckland to Brisbane. So, technically I will be able to say I have been to New Zealand but not really! J I was worried about the 12 hours from LA to Auckland, worried about being on a plane that long; how my legs will do (I have restless leg syndrome) and being over the water. Just ask my traveling companion Missy, I was a mess J.  But, the flight went great! Air New Zealand does a great job! The flight attendants were very nice, serve all passengers full meals (2 on the way over), plenty of movies,  and a variety of TV shows and games to choose from to keep yourself occupied! Our stop-over in Auckland was only 3 hours, so just enough time to do some souvenir shopping and stretch the legs! I even was able to sleep for a little bit which was nice considering when we arrived in Australia it was be about 11am!

Finally we have arrived in Brisbane! My dreams have come true and I was finally in Australia! Our first stop was the Australian Zoo (insert link); Home of the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. His wife and children still love on the property and are very active within the zoo. We met up with our tour guide, Wayne, and went on a private tour of the zoo. Our first stop was to see the Tiger Exhibit – such an amazing animal.

The next stop was a little meet and greet with some locals… How about 2 dingo’s, a wombat, a koala bear, a boa constrictor and a bird? We were able to hold the koala, the bird and the snake…. Yes, I held a snake and I wasn’t scared at all which is very surprising! It was a weird feeling though! The dingo’s acted like puppies even though the ones out in the wild do not. The wombat… well, she just kept eating her carrot!

I know what you are thinking.. what about the kangaroo’s? Well this zoo has a place called Roo Heaven. Here, the kangaroos roam free.  You can feed them, pet them and even lay down by them. It was so cool! After realizing your dream of seeing a kanga and now to actually pet one… very amazing!

Our last stop on the tour was the Australian Zoo Wildlife Hospital. They do such great things here and will continue to help injured animals!

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