Fraser Island in Queensland Australia

I was able to visit this amazing place in September 2013. It is the largest sand island in the world; however most of it is under water! We stayed overnight at the Outrigger Little Hastings in Noosa which is very close to Fraser Island.  We were picked up from our hotel in a 4WD called “Warrior” and we were told that it would be more bouncy in the back of the truck… So I thought ‘when in Rome,’ or when in Australia…!  So to the back of the truck I went! There were seat belts, so at first I thought “oh ok,” but I didn’t really understand why we would need them. Well I found out!

It was a very foggy morning so it was a very cool drive up the coast to Inskip Point. That is where we would board a ferry for a 10 minute ride to Fraser Island. Once we arrived at Inskip Point, we all realized that we were going to be riding on sand, not roads! We had to get through a huge sand dune to get to the ferry. Around us, there were other vehicles that were stuck, so the nerves start kicking in! But we made it, after a few tries! We get off on Fraser Island and we drove on the beach. They don’t have actual roads on the beach; they drive on the beach, road signs and all!   As we were drove along, we saw some debris from the Tsunami in 2007… Really eerie to see!

We then headed into the rainforest part of the island. Remember that I was questioning the seat-belts?? We were on the biggest sand island and not in a rain forest with tree roots! This was not really a great combination! J The trip from the beach to the rainforest was a little adventurous, but totally worth it! There are over 200 dingo’s living on the island. They ask that you please don’t approach them as they are not as friendly as they look! We walked around and through the rain forest; the different colored tree bark was really cool! All the tree trunks are straight up and down, they grow that way when the roots are in sand! Who knew?

Next up we headed to Lake McKenzie for our Australian BBQ and a swim in the lake; one of the many fresh water lakes on Fraser island. It is such a beautiful lake and the sand is really great for your skin!

After the stop at Lake McKenzie we headed back down the beach ‘Sandy Highway” toward the ferry. Our day on Fraser island was almost over. We made one last stop at Rainbow Beach for some tea and pastries!

What an amazing day! It is one of the world’s natural wonders and a must see when visiting Queensland!


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