Hotel Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort

March 19, 2012
Travel Specialist: Jackie
Thank you to our client Kim B. for his review of this hotel.

“I tell everybody I can about you (Jackie), and tell people to call you. It is just easy and nice to have you work the details, and the price is really the same as an online do it yourself site, but I get peace of mind of having you worry about the details…. How can it be any better.”

Very Nice, 1st trip with my 3 kids, wife, and another family.

Is the area safe?  YES!
Do you need to know Spanish?  NO!
Is the resort great? YES!
Would I go back? YES!

My wife and I traveled on vacation last year to the area and had a great time.  This year we brought our 3 kids.  Age 11, 14, 17.   We chose the El Cid on the recommendation of our travel agent. Like many other posts… If you are looking for a couples vacation, probably not the place.

We  had an awesome vacation.  The pool is great.. The kids spent many hours jumping off the cliff jump in the pool area.  Many games activities and the adults had a great time relaxing as well.

Yes some rocks, but if you swim more towards the south end it is great.  Weeds.. yes they float in, but they usually came by 3 to 5 times a day and picked them up.  Like the other posts, go early to get a chair, or you will not get one.   Activities for Free:  Kayaks for the ocean, boogie boards, Hoby Cats, Volleyball, Soccer nets,

Huge, and a great time, many activities, or just chill.     There is a quiet zone adult only hot tub that is nice as well.

(3) Themed restaurants, and (1) Buffet.  We made reservations for the three restaurants. (no sandals, and you need a shirt with a collar).  Each person liked each one for different reasons.  The Mexican was probably the best, followed by the Mediterranean, and then the Marina Seafood restaurant.  (in my opinion, and everybody that posts likes one better than the other for some reason.)  I would rate them all OK, but not great.  .  Appetizer, Soup, Main, Dessert, and it is a great way to relax a little while and give your kids a nice dining experience.

The Buffet in the main lobby is by far the best, and one of the best I have had at a resort.  The Mexican one near the beach opens up for breakfast and lunch, but be sure to go to the main lobby one as many times as you can.  The lunch has far more choices, including steak, fish, pork, chicken, all cooked for you while you wait.    Each night the theme changes in the Buffet as well, they try to change it up a bit.

Very clean and very comfortable.  We had a garden view in building 19 and it was OK.  Our friends were up a level and had a ocean view.  It was nice, and the cleaning staff was awesome.

OK.. now for some fun
We did the Catamaran / Snorkel tour from the El Cid Marina.  We got a great deal, because somebody in our group did the whole timeshare speech sales pitch.   (yes longer than 90 minutes…  but not terrible, and they were not forced to buy anything, and we got the snorkel tip for ½ price, and many other perks)  with 9 people is was a real savings.

I would do the Catamaran trip for the full price.. it was a riot and we got to jump off the cat, and swim while the other group was out on the snorkel trip.  It is a huge boat.  47 feet long.  They can take 50 people on 1 trip.   The Captain and crew made sure you had everything you need, and they have a full selection of beverages, with some pretzels and peanuts. (all included)

This was probably the highlight of my trip.

More fun —  Trip to Playa
The nine of us decide to go to Playa de Carmen one afternoon.  We checked our options, and we got a tip that a you can take a “city bus” that stops at the resort over to the main highway that runs to Playa and Cancun.    The “city bus” or van.. or I am not sure, is only 6 Pesos (50 cents) per person.  It stops at the Now Jade, the El Cid, Puerto Morelos, and then at the main highway.  At the highway a ticket person from ADO bus lines will sell you a ticket for 2 dollars a person (24 Pesos).  That bus was a very new, full  coach transportation to the city.  They drop you off at a secure bus stop, (don’t think it is a bus stop in the United States)  This is a really nice clean, safe open air bus stop that drops you off in the heart of the tourist shopping areas about 1 block off the beach.   I wish I would have spent more time in Playa.  … exchange for Pesos at the front desk so you can pay with them for the bus.  $2.50USD per person each way… great value over the cab ride for $40.00 each way.

Puerto Morelos
Small village nearby El Cid.  I never made a visit, but saw it from the bus stop, saw it from water side, and I wish I would have spent time visiting.  It looked great.  My wife spent a significant amount of time on the snorkel boat with the driver of that boat.  (she does not snorkel, but went along for the fun of it)  He gave her many tips on where to eat, and how nice the village is.  The beach looked great, and when we stopped at the bus stop in the village, the area looked great.  I really wish I would have taken the time, and will for sure visit this village next time.


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