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Travel Leaders has been a leader in the travel industry for over 30 years. Our Core Values include integrity, teamwork, customer-focused, innovative and community. We strive to encourage the growth of our employees both as consultants and as members of their communities. By encouraging service in our communities, we will build a strong sense of self among us.

Get seriously silly for a good cause!
Red Nose Day is a campaign dedicated to helping children and having fun. Proceeds benefit children and young people in the US and some of the poorest communities in the world.

Join the nation on May 26 at 9/8c
The Red Nose Day Special is a live 2-hour primetime television event that brings together the biggest stars for a night of fun and laughs.

Laugh. Give. Save a kid.
Through the power of entertainment, we raise awareness and money to help kids who need us most at home and around the world. Red Nose Day is on a mission to lift kids out of poverty and has raised over $1 billion globally in the last 25 years.

Save a Kid
The donations you give will do amazing things. Just $1 can change a life.

We’re on a mission to help kids who need us most. Red Nose Day has raised over $1 billion globally in the last 25 years.

Half of the money distributed by Red Nose Day 2016 will be spent right here in the U.S. The other half will be spent in some of the poorest communities in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. All money raised supports projects that ensure kids are safe, healthy, and educated.

2016 charity partners include:

“The Best Way to Find Yourself is to Lose Yourself in the Service of the Others.”
– Gandhi

Past Projects:

April 2016 – Sharing & Caring Hands