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What a view! El Cid Mazatlan

Mazatlán April 2014

I visited Mazatlán in April. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Mazatlán has been getting a bad rep from the press the last few years with everything that has been going on and I was very anxious to get down there and see the destination for myself!

The airport is smaller, but very updated and easy to maneuver. The transfer time from the airport to the hotel zone is about 20 to 30 minutes depending on traffic.  One can definitely tell that the people of Mazatlán are working very hard to bring their lovely city back to life; new construction, new painting and general cleaning. Our host hotel was the El Cid Castilla, and we were welcomed by the entire staff, all very warm and kind, including a confetti cannon!  This resort is in the middle of the hotel zone, and is rated 3 out of 5 stars. The rooms in the tower were clean and very nice! Once we got checked in, we went to grab lunch. I have to mention we ate the best lobster and coconut shrimp I have had in a long time!

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After lunch, we headed out on our city tour! We drove along the Malecon (aka boardwalk) area and headed to Downtown Mazatlán. Our first stop was at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral that dates back to 1875. It is a beautiful church! Right across from the church is a gazebo in the center of town. We then ventured to the Mercado (market) to do some shopping. I do love a good market in Mexico; so many hand-painted ceramics and hand-crafted souvenirs and keepsakes.

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We boarded the bus to continue to the Historic District of Mazatlán (about a $6 USD cab fare from the hotel zone). On the way we stopped and watched a cliff diver. This spot along the Malecon is referred to as “El Cavadista” meaning cliff diver. They will usually jump from a 50’ platform into about 7 feet of water when the waves are just right. A diver has to time it exactly when the waves come in otherwise the water is only about 3 feet deep! It is scary to watch, but definitely worth it to stop and see.

Cliff Diving in Mazatlan

We arrived into the Historic District of Mazatlan (and wow), it brings you back to what you think most expect Mexico to be, very bright and colorful. The district was very clean and the people were so friendly. We did some walking around and stopped at the Opera House – it would be a great experience to see an Opera there. On our way to dinner we stopped by an artist studio called Nidart. It’s a great little studio that is family-owned and all the art is made right on the property! Next we headed over to have dinner at a fabulous restaurant called Pedro and Lola’s. They offer great dishes that are inspired by the Sinaloa region of Mexico (Sinaloa is the state that Mazatlán is in). I had shrimp wrapped in bacon and cheese!! Ok, it’s maybe not the most Mexican dish, but it combined shrimp (local) with my favorite (bacon and cheese).. Can’t go wrong with that!

I highly recommend a stop at Pedro and Lola’s. Check it out.

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