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Good morning! We are headed to Las Flores Hotel for a site inspection and breakfast. It is a great 3 star hotel located on the beach. They are in the middle of doing upgrades; the rooms that have been upgraded are amazing! This hotel is a great little spot for shopping.

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After breakfast we had a few hours free to do what we want. A couple friends and I needed to get some shopping done. We started out down by the Las Flores and the Playa Mazatlan and went to some markets. I was pleasantly surprised at the prices in Mazatlan; great prices without the hassle of trying to bargain! We were ready to hit the pool for a couple of hours so we took a pulmania (local open air taxi’s) back to the hotel. Here, we enjoyed the beach and pool for a few hours and just relaxed! It was nice to enjoy the El Cid Castilla for a few hours. We did miss our favorite Aqua Aerobics Instructor but we still had a great time! J

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I was looking forward to heading to dinner at the Playa Mazatlan tonight. We got on the bus to head to dinner and were pleasantly surprised! Our friends (aka Roberto) at the El Cid Castilla had arranged for all of us to ride to dinner in the Pulmania’s! They were decorated with balloons and each driver has their own music playing! They are a hit among the tourists in Mazatlán! We went down the malecon and back participating in a parade through town! We felt so special and it was so much fun!

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We arrived at Playa Mazatlan! What a beautiful property with so many things to do on property… Zip Lining, rock climbing and a Temazcal Experience. It’s one of the only hotels in Mazatlan that is wheel chair friendly with a walk way along the beach. It is a family-owned property with a lot of details; paintings of children, old family heirlooms, and even the family still lives on-site! It’s a great property for families, singles and couples. After our site inspection we attended their Mexican Fiesta, a great show that is put on for both guests of the hotel and those staying nearby.

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We finished off the amazing day at Diego’s Beach house, which is a great bar right on the beach. It plays live music and has very laid back atmosphere. We also visited Senor Frogs, which is next to the El Cid Castilla. It was a great night with all my new friends that I had met on this trip! This was our last night in Mazatlan and it was a great way to celebrate a great trip!.

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