Mazatlan/ El Cid Marina/ Jungle tour/ Stone Island

Right on the Marina!

Today was a beautiful morning in Mazatlán. We headed over to the El Cid Marina, the sister hotel of the El Cid Castilla. This hotel is located in the Marina, hence the name J. Guests do have access to a private beach and you are only 20 minutes from the airport giving it a great location! This hotel offers Jr Suites and 1 bedroom suites that are perfect for couples or families.

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Next we headed to the cruise pier to board a boat and go on a Jungle Tour – the only Jungle Tour in Mazatlán. We sailed by Mazatlán’s Harbor with the largest shrimp fleet in Mexico. The shrimping season had just ended so all the boats were returned to the harbor. It an amazing site to see hundreds of boats lined up. We kept going and went through the mangroves in Mazatlán, I wasn’t aware they had such a big jungle area! Here, we  saw a variety of birds and wildlife. We docked and got on a trailer that was being pulled by a tractor and started making our way to Stone Island.

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The Stone Island Tour has a choice of activities including horseback riding, snorkeling, banana boats, boogie boards and horse-drawn carts through the Village. Our tour was combined with the Jungle Tour, but full-day tours are available. We made our way to Stone Island along the beach, driving along the sand and water… that is something you don’t get to do every day. Once we reached our destination, we had to turn and go up through the sand to get to the road. Well, as you might expect, it didn’t go as planned. We ended up getting stuck with most of us having to get off the trailer and some of us having to try and push our way out. J  We ended up having a quick lunch and then returned to the boat, then back to the harbor, back to the hotel and finish packing to get to the airport. L  We were a little rushed, so I was very happy that I had packed most of my stuff the night before!

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I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with Mazatlan! I met such amazing people and did so many great things! This is a destination that is still “Mexico” and loves their authentic culture. Anyone looking to go experience Mexico, needs to go to Mazatlan! I am going to miss my new friends and the city! I am already making plans to go back this winter!!

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