Touring the Taronga Zoo!

After the long, long flight to Sydney, we knew we were going to be exhausted, but we couldn’t let that get in our way so we dropped off our bags and got as far away from the hotel as possible! We decided to head to The Taronga Zoo for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Australian animals habitat.

 The zoo is easy enough to get to; it’s just a short ferry ride form Circular Key. No planning needed – you can buy your tickets right at the ferry!

Once the ferry ride was over it really hit us… WE’RE HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD! That feeling is indescribable.

Touring the Taronga

When we got to the zoo, we rode the gondola lift – The Sky Safari! – up to the top. Since we had time before our tour started, we walked around a bit. It was just my aunt and me. It was nice to be able to explore the place just the two of us.

We were there during Vivid Sydney, an annual city-wide three-week celebration of lights, music and ideas. In celebration of Vivid, the zoo had a great display of giant animal light sculptures. It was fun to see the display before we got to the real animals!

A Different Kind of Zoo

We went straight for the wallabies. Wallabies look a lot like kangaroos, but they are a lot smaller. We got to feed them, and I even got close enough to try and take a selfie with one, because I couldn’t pass up that opportunity!

Guess what was next on the list! If you guessed koalas, you are correct! You’re not allowed to hold the koalas – in Queensland you can hold the koalas – but you are still able to get up close and personal. They were just hanging out in the trees, which didn’t look so comfortable to me, but must have been to them. We were even able to see some of the babies coming out of their pouches! And of course, I got a selfie.

After that, we went to see some smaller animals. First, the echidna – a flying squirrel – and then the bilbies – rabbit bandicoot. Then on to the kangaroos.

And, I couldn’t possibly forget about the Tasmanian devil! On our way out, we saw the giraffes. We even got to see the baby!

It was a great experience, and a great day at the zoo. The Taronga is a must do when visiting Sydney!

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