The Best Day EVER!

Don’t get me wrong, I have been very blessed to experience a plethora of great days, and a lot while vacationing! I am also getting married in September, so I may have to amend this title, but for now the Buena Vista Tour has stolen my #1 best day ever spot. As agents, we provide value by having first-hand experience so that we can accurately portray things to our clients. When visiting Costa Rica, it seemed just plain wrong to not experience zip-lining, and boy did I find a way to not only zip-line, but also to have many adventures in one day! Let’s start with waking up at 6:30AM, leaving the resort after a lovely room service breakfast and having an easy 1.5 hour scenic drive inland to Buena Vista Adventure Park. We started by getting harnassed in and were guided by experts on how to zip-line; the equipment, safety and best practices. As an adrenaline junky, I was the first to go! What a thrill and a great ride! Want more?

How about zip-lining upside-down… NO HANDS! Based on the your comfort level the guides will go out of their way to ensure a good time. From tandem zip-lining with you until you get the hang of it, to offering up new ways to ride the line; they were amazing to have! They even have people stationed throughout the 11 lines and 13 platforms to take pictures of you as you go – proof of your adventure. After zip-lining, make your way up the jungle paths again, but this time you stop at a jungle waterslide. Different than those you may be used to, this slide is made of concrete and leather diapers for women, tubes and helmets are required. Pick a speed and feel the huge rush of ice-cold (refreshingly cold!!) water on your back that gushes you down the 1/4 mile long slide, looking up at the canopy above you and ending in a small pool with a HUGE sploosh! Go again, and again, and however many times you want before heading to the lodge for lunch.

A delightful buffet awaits you featuring Costa Rican dishes, pasta, rice, a variety of sauces, fresh fruit, salad, fish and chicken. Purchase a beer for a minimal charge or take a water or lemonade on the house. After lunch it’s time to head out from the main area on horseback. For those who prefer not to ride, there is a enormous John Deere trailor to take you instead. The horses do just fine though and you ride through a serene patch of jungle with waterfalls and streams. While the horses are well-behaved and are used to the trails and tourists, I was definitely more afraid on this part than the zip-lining and waterslide.

But, it’s more than worth it when you end in the middle of the jungle with 5 different pools of natural hot-springs, a mud bath, sauna, massages and a bar for cool drinks. Soak in the sauna to open your pores before covering yourself in mud. Then, after you are dry, rinse off with a cold shower and jump into the warm hot springs all labeled clearly with different temperatures.  Rest a while, enjoy yourself. For the not-so-athletic like me, soothe your muscles and joints from the equipment and jungle hikes. After this, it’s back to the John Deere and civilization. The guides will entrance you with local tales and history on the venture back and even stop at a giftshop if desired. Return to your resort by dinner time and relax, you made it through the BEST DAY EVER!


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