The Magic of VIP Tour at Disney Parks!

We have all heard of FastPasses and many of us have used them, but are you familiar with the VIP Tours Disney offers? The VIP Tour is FastPass  X1000.
You don’t want to wait in lines … well here you go! You get to skip the lines and go to the font of the FastPass line.

You only have 3-hours and want to do ALL the most popular rides at the parks. We were able to get on three rides at Magic Kingdom and three rides at Animal Kingdom, including Pandora the flight of passage. It was amazing!

You usually have to wait in long lines to get into the park, but not when you are on a VIP Tour. You access the parks through a secret passage.

You can scheduled a VIP Tour Guide for the hours that best suit you and your family. If  you want to go to Magic Kingdom in the morning then go back to your hotel to take a nap … go for it. Then head back after you are rested for dinner and fireworks—no problem, they can handle this for you. There won’t be any lines or calling for reservations.

If you want dole whipped treat again, no worries, your VIP guide will make sure you get what you want on the way to an attraction! Plus, your guide will provide great insights on what to see and do.

This is the BEST way to do Disney. You’ll make everlasting family memories at a fast pace. I’d be happy to help book your VIP Tour!

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