Why YOU should go to the Disneyland Diamond Celebration!!

Disneyland was my first trip as a child, our first family vacation.  We visited over Christmas, because as my parents thought ‘Less crowds around Christmas time, right?’  Wrong.  Christmas is the busiest time to visit any Disney park (oh by the way).  But I have very fond memories of Disneyland as a child.
I had the opportunity to visit Disneyland in 2009, and wow, did I love it!!!  For those of you that know me, you already know that I’m a Disney freak.  I could visit one of the Disney parks multiple times every year, if my pocket book could afford it.

Walking into Disneyland for the first time in years, reminds me a lot of the Magic Kingdom, but squished down into a smaller space.  I absolutely love the Magic Kingdom, so Disneyland felt similar.  Loved it.  My favorite thing we did was a tour called “A Walk in Walt’s Footsteps”.  This front of the scenes tour took us through out the entire park, noting all sorts of great things that Walt himself did.  They even pointed out that on one of the rides, you could see Walt’s grandchildren playing in his back yard.

Visiting Disney’s California Adventure was an entirely new experience for me, lots of new rides and fun things to see.  This is the birthplace of the new ride Soarin’.  Loved that ride!

I plan to revisit this park in November to see the Diamond Celebration myself, and will post more pictures.

Here is a link to Disney’s website that tells all about what is happening, read it and enjoy!!!

It’s the little things that Disney does, it’s the little things that Disney pays attention to that makes every single trip magical.
Here are a couple photos from my trip, including inside my room at Disneyland Resort.
Melissa Disneyland Melissa DisneylandMelissa Disneyland  Melissa Disneyland Melissa Disneyland

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