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One thing that may surprise corporate travel managers is that overall program size does not matter. Instead, what matters is the number of nights that you’re able to deliver to a hotel in return for a good discount and your ability to shift that volume as needed.  

Based on the data, this article has a few rules a company should follow to maximize hotel program savings.

The travel deal comparison site analyzed 45 of the world’s most popular airports for business travel, comparing a variety of important factors such as on-time arrival performance, parking costs and the number of lounges offered.

Global hotel rates will rise modestly in 2020 compared with previous years, by 1.3 percent, according to CWT’s 2020 Global Travel Forecast, as supply growth is likely to continue to outpace demand growth in 2020. Global airfares are expected to rise by 1.2 percent. Load factors are likely to fall somewhat from current levels while low-cost carriers will continue to put downward pressure on fares.

At the Global Business Travel Association’s 2019 Convention in Chicago on Monday, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg worked hard to assuage corporate travel’s creme de la creme that everything is going to be just fine. Half the audience in the banquet hall, however, headed for the exits as his name was announced.

At a Tacoma, Wash., hotel, a housekeeper standing in a hallway saw a man turn back into a hotel room and tell an unseen person: Keep the blinds closed; should anyone come to the door, do not answer; and if anyone calls, do not answer. He said he’d return at 2 to bring food.  The employee thought the situation was strange and told the hotel manager, who then talked to other employees about what they had seen or noticed about that room and guests.

Since last year, Uber launched a number of safety products so that during the trip, you feel safe knowing that you can share your trip with your loved ones, your personal details have been anonymized, and should you need help there is a dedicated safety center within the app to guide and support you. These features built upon and strengthened some of Uber’s core safety offerings such as 24/7 support team, GPS tracking of all trips, and background checks for all drivers.

 Wi-Fi is important to 84 percent of business travelers choosing a hotel, while room rate is important to only 81 percent, the same as for distance from the business site, according to a RoomIt by CWT survey between Nov. 28 and Dec. 14 of 660 business travelers over 18 years old ad in the US., Canada, U.K., India, France, Italy, Germany, Australia and Mexico.

Check out this list of travel gear to ensure your next vacation or business trip is smooth sailing.

The virus has been out of the headlines, but that doesn’t mean it is gone. The World Health Organization just updated its guidelines for travelers to the Zika zone.  According to the report, Zika has been identified in 87 countries, including Brazil, India, and the United States.  The W.H.O update comes a few months after the Centers for Disease Control downgraded its Zika warning.  


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