With Etta, your travelers get an effortless and intuitive experience—and you get improved adoption and controlled spending. Give them the freedom to book the flights, hotels, and ground transportation they want within your company’s travel policy. Rather than facing problems when it’s too late (after the trip), we prevent the wrong stuff from being booked in the first place.

Business Travel Solutions That Work!

Integrated Policy Drives Savings

Building company policy is simple, but implementation and enforcement can be difficult. Etta takes a consultative approach, designing and building a policy program that’s integrated and fully customized to control spend, before spend happens.

Personalized Travel Preferences

Travelers can easily personalize Etta to their exact preference. They can assign seat and meal choices on flights, add frequent flyer, hotel loyalty and other related programs. They can customize notifications for assistants, co-workers and family members to keep them informed.

Open Expense Integration

Deem Open Expense enables you to integrate Deem travel data to any expense platform.  Deem travel booking transactions flow automatically into the linked expense platform, providing a seamless user experience. 

Travel SafetyCheck

Health and safety information built into the booking flow to help guide travelers to safer travel choices. Empower your people with the tools they need to regain confidence when traveling.

Automated Ticket Exchange

A powerful tool that completely automates how unused tickets are managed by flagging their availability and calculating their value within the trip booking flow. With ATE, travelers can easily change flight reservations, even after the trip starts, and ATE automatically recalculates the exchange.

Modern User Experience

An intuitive and dynamic design across desktop and mobile platforms. Easily search and compare air, hotel, rental car and car service options. Flexible policy filters and preferred supplier icons (including Tripadvisor reviews, photos and amenities) drive higher adoption and compliance.

Pre-Trip Approval

Etta’s comprehensive Pre-Trip Approval and notification workflow provides the flexibility to review 100% of bookings but only act on those that are out of policy. Eliminate time-consuming manual approvals with automated rules that target only the trip types you want to review.

Powerful Mobile App

A sleek and powerful mobile app that puts the traveler first. From searching to booking, to changing or cancelling, with Etta’s mobile app, travelers can take care of all their travel needs. Delight your travelers with an effortless and reliable mobile experience.

Ask Etta

Save time and let Ask Etta train your travelers.
Ask Etta is a personalized self-guided help and training tool that’s built into the platform. With Ask Etta’s step-by-step guided help, travelers train themselves and get more done in less time.

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