Give the Gift of Travel

Whether it’s a chance to explore someplace new or revisit a beloved destination, this holiday season why not treat someone special in your life to the gift of travel?

Perhaps there’s a family vacation you’ve been thinking about taking, or a romantic getaway for two, or a surprise for mom and dad, sending them on the trip they’ve always dreamed about. Maybe there’s someone important to you who could really use a break from the stress of everyday life.

By giving the gift of travel for Christmas, Chanukah or New Year’s, you’re helping to create more than long-lasting memories. Research shows that you’re also helping to improve the recipient’s well-being before, during and after their trip.

We all need new experiences from time to time. Planning a trip is exciting. It opens up a world of possibilities. A vacation is a way to stay active, both physically and mentally. Travel can be an adventure or a chance for some well-deserved relaxation, or both.

People who travel report better physical and emotional health, as well as improved relationships and increased output at work, according to a 2018 study by AARP. The benefits start even before leaving home, during the planning phase and extend well beyond the trip. During their vacation, respondents report improved well-being, intellectual curiosity, and mental clarity. They point to feeling relaxed, having fun and getting to spend quality time with loved ones. Afterward, they said that they slept better, had more energy and felt more productive.

“There are definitely health benefits when traveling for leisure,” says Roger E. Block, President of Travel Leaders Network, which has more than 40,000 travel advisors across the United States. “Whether it is one weekend, one week or two weeks, it is a time to take a break from work and other life issues and just rejuvenate by hiking, laying on the beach, taking a cruise or experiencing other food, people and cultures.”

Of course, there are lots of options when you go on vacation, from the location to the type of transportation, accommodations, and activities. That’s where you can benefit from the expertise of a travel advisor from an agency network like Travel Leaders Network. Your travel advisor can help plan a vacation that meets your budget while giving the recipient of your gift a truly memorable experience.

Everyone has a travel bucket list, and there are always new places to discover. Your travel advisor can clue your loved one into up-and-coming spots, as well as perennially popular destinations. Someone who’s never been on a cruise may want to try one. Veterans of oceangoing voyages can book a river cruise, or plan a land-based tour this time. If your gift recipient loves the Caribbean, he or she may want to try a sunny spot in Europe or vice versa. Perhaps there’s a new part of the country to explore, or a chance to reconnect with a city they may have visited — or lived in — years ago.

For help giving the gift of a vacation, connect with one of our travel advisors here

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