Home to the most powerful empires throughout history, Europe is a continent rich with history. The continent has been inhabited for over 10,000 years, and in that time the peoples of the European continent have been an important influence on all aspects of culture; language, art, architecture, philosophy, science, politics, economics, cuisine, religion, and more. From the birth of philosophy and politics of Ancient Greece, the gluttonous conquest and imperialism of the Romans and the subsequent rise of Christianity, to the forming of European nations and kingdoms, the explosion of science, creativity and expression during the Renaissance, all the way through the rise and fall of the all-powerful far-reaching arm of the British Empire, Europe has given us some of the most important, incredible, and influential people, ideas, and works of art that this world has ever seen.

Today, the European continent is a largely popular tourist destination. Because of Europe’s long and diverse history, the continent has something to offer for any of your travel needs! No matter where you go, you will find a wealth of history, dating back long before the creation of the United States. Ancient wonders like Stonehenge are a huge draw for anyone intrigued by the mysteries of a world much different from our own. A traveling history buff can visit any of the over 15,000 museums in Europe to learn all about the history, culture, art, and intellectual and industrial achievements of this great continent’s people.

Of course, the splendor of Europe does not lie solely in museums. Take a day to tour a castle – there’s plenty to choose from – or visit some ruins, or an ancient city! Explore the beautiful landscape on foot – or the seascape on a boat! From the vibrant, snow-capped mountains of the U.K. to the vineyard-spotted shores of the Rhine River and beyond, the beauty of this continent is endless. One trip across the pond simply wouldn’t be enough to do everything!

Now, let’s not forget the diverse culture and population of modern day Europe! Traveling is not only about the history, or the natural beauty of the place. One of the best parts of travel is experiencing the lifestyle and culture of a new place first-hand, and throughout the entire continent, there are so many ways travelers can choose to experience this for themselves. Travel to Germany during Oktoberfest. Spend a day riding the Tube and enjoying the nightlife in London. Visit the Apollo or the Globe Theatre to watch a performance. Spend a day in a Gondola in Venice. No matter where you go, the adventure of a lifetime awaits in Europe!

Things To Do

Things to Do:

  • Europe’s natural landscape is amazing. From the peaks of the Alps, crossing Switzerland, Austria, France, and Italy, to the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean and more, there is beauty to be enjoyed by any traveler. Along with skiing, mountaineering, and beaches, Europe offers a wealth of incredible natural beauty. Switzerland is home to central Europe’s greatest lake, Lake Geneva, and its greatest waterfalls, Rhine Falls. This list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the wonders to be found across the pond!
  • Travelers cannot step foot in Europe without walking in the steps of someone before them. The history of this great continent is extensive and incredible. From some of Europe’s oldest relics – Stonehenge, Bath, the Colosseum – to markers of some more recent history – D Day Beaches, The Brandenburg Gate, Geneva’s Palace of Nations, there are countless stories of the past to be uncovered.

Modern pleasures:

  • Along with the beauty and spectacle of Europe’s historic and natural destinations, this is a continent full of modern luxuries and pleasures. From shopping in France, to the bumping nightlife in Ibiza, Spain, to classical entertainment at La Scala Opera in Milan, Italy, Europe is rich with the bustling lifestyle of its modern population. Choose from a wealth of vineyards from France, to Italy, to Germany, and more, or go straight for the bar life in the Temple Bar District of Dublin Ireland. Whatever excitement you seek, you can find it in Europe!
  • Currency: The Euro (€) is used in many European nations, with few exceptions.
  • Language: Varies by nation, Europe is home to Romantic, Germanic, and Slavic languages. English is spoken and understood in most countries.
  • Europe is the second smallest continent in the world, behind Australia
  • Europe is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, the Kuma-Manych Depression, and the Caspian Sea
  • Europe’s most prominent mountain range is the Ural Mountains, bordering the northern edge of the continent.
  • Europe has over 24,000 miles of coastline.
Be Advised
  • As a tourist in any nation, travelers should be cautious about personal belongings and avoid wearing flashy jewelry.
  • Terrorism is unfortunately a real possibility in many European nations, many of which have already fallen victim to an attack.
  • Although healthcare and hospital conditions are great in many European nations, travelers should always invest in travel insurance before traveling to a foreign country.
  • Pick-pocketing and petty theft are quite common in many large tourist areas. If possible, travelers should try not to identify themselves as tourists, and always keep their guard up – even around children.
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