Do you love to travel in the company of others who share your interests?  Would you like to be able to travel worldwide to pursue your passion for history, food, cultural and adventure?  How about planning a trip to destinations for wine tasting, local theater or sporting events, or history and genealogy exploration?  The world is a big place, and the options for special interest travel are endless.  

You’ll gather traveling companions from your circle of influence, and we will handle the travel details – all you need to do is send out the links to your followers and hype the trip.

We at Travel Leaders are looking for gregarious people who would enjoy leading groups on adventures of all kinds.  The good news is that once you’ve got a group together (the size of the group is up to you), your Travel Leaders professional will handle all the travel logistics and planning to make sure that everyone’s needs are met.  You can get down to the business of having fun with the old (and new) friends you’ll be making as you pursue your special passion.  The even better news is that you will be compensated for your time and effort recruiting fellow travelers with a paid vacation!

We are excited to fashion a trip specifically for you and your group, lending support in preparing promotional pieces to help you get the word out about what your trip will include. We can help with social media postings to your followers, poster handouts to distribute to local folks – soccer associations, church groups, local sporting goods stores, gyms, etc.  You may want to hold a social event to promote your trip, and one of our experienced agents can attend either in person to explain details (and give a little hype to get everyone excited about the trip) or by a video presentation if participants aren’t  local.

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