Mississippi River History Tours

If you’re just starting to think about being a group leader, just start with a small group.  Know some folks that are history buffs?  Find five or six couples that would enjoy learning more about American history.  Some of America’s most historical sites can be visited on a Mississippi River Cruise. 

American Cruise Lines offers a terrific eight day cruise beginning and ending in New Orleans.  You’ll view beautifully restored ante-bellum plantations, visit Civil War battle sites at Port Hudson, and Baton Rouge, hear fascinating stories about the history of travel and commerce on the Mississippi told by the captain himself, and hear the tragic tales of those enslaved in the south and their struggle for freedom with a visit to the Natchez Museum of African American Culture.  You’ll be following Tom and Huck’s wake on the river, but you won’t be doing it on a rickety raft!  

Your group will be enjoying luxurious accommodations on one of America Cruise Lines specially designed river boats, enjoying spacious staterooms with balconies, local entertainment (Yes – jazz bands!), world class cuisine featuring local favorites, and knowledgeable onboard historians to give you a unique glimpse into the lives of those living in the Deep South in days past.  

Shore excursions include a ride through a Louisiana swamp, walking tours of a sugarcane farm, restored formal gardens, or an 18th century haunted house.  The beauty of a trip like this is that not everyone has to do the same thing at the same time.  You might have some go-getters who are up for every tour, and some who would prefer to enjoy the scenery from the deck of your ship and read a book until it’s time for lunch. Whatever the plan for the day, you can all get together for an evening cocktail and share stories and pictures of the day’s activities.  

Where do you go to attract a group like this?  Try the local historical society, senior center, or library.

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