Ahhh, spring break!  The words alone make people happy, and planning a spring break trip is the perfect way to forget you’re in the middle of a dark, cold, depressing winter that seems never-ending.

Young families with little kids are especially in need of a break after being cooped up inside for ages.  So where to go?  One obvious answer is a beach vacation, and there are plenty of beaches to choose from.

Spring Break Travel for Families

Celebrate High School Graduation with Friends

The last few years of school have been stressful for students all over the world.  Covid restrictions, virtual classes, and the cancellation of sports events and other school activities have left parents and students feeling isolated, frustrated and anxious.  Now that things have returned to a reasonably normal state, everyone is ready for a party.  And what better reason for a party than high school graduation? Students and parents alike deserve a reward for putting up with the hassles and disappointments of 2020-21.  

More and more families are deciding to make this once-in-a-lifetime event a group celebration, and they’re planning graduation trips with the families of their graduate’s friends.  Anyone with a high school senior knows that their kid spends a lot more time with their friends than they do at home, so a graduation trip with friends makes a ton of sense.  For many it may be the last time they’ll have a chance to take a family vacation without younger siblings, and having friends along makes the parental “hover factor” a little less annoying!

Where to go?  Following are a few suggestions.

Alternative Spring Breaks