Christmas Market Beverages

Glühwein, translated to “mulled wine”, is a delicious hot alcoholic drink made from red or white wine as the base and spiced with seasonings. I heard a lot of people describe as “hot sangria”, and if you’ve ever had Spanish sangria, you would agree. It was the perfect drink that kept you warm while walking through the market.

They also have a hot non-alcoholic mulled cider known as “Kinderpunsch”, translating to “kids punch” since it’s non-alcoholic. I had this when we got to the markets a bit earlier in the day to stay warm and still enjoy a delicious drink.  

The best part … these drinks are served in specialty mugs! Each year, in each town with markets, they create their own custom mug designs. There is a special “deposit” of 3 Euros, made with the purchase of the drink, for these mugs, this ensures that people will return the mugs if they don’t plan to keep them. They are beautiful ceramic mugs. My guest and I even ended up collecting 11 mugs EACH.  

We also made sure to try Kölsch while in Cologne, as this is what they’re known for. Kölsch is a special style of beer originating in Cologne. They serve this beer in a short cylinder glass and the fun thing about the serving style of this is that once you order your first one, the server will continue to bring you more once they see your drink is halfway done. The only way to stop them from serving you more is to place the coaster on top of your glass. This works as a signal that you are done drinking or taking a pause.  

The local libations are definitely worth trying!

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