Travel Planning Done Right with a Travel Advisor

The travel industry is the largest and most ever-changing industry in the world. With political, social, and even economic impacts, travel is not only a large part of conversation, but something you see constantly in your social media feed.

From friends to family, everyone is traveling, and it all gets posted on social, for good reason. According to MMGY Studies, 85% of travel plans are influenced with social media. 42% of posts on Facebook are travel experiences, being the #1 category and you are 80% more likely to book travel due friends post.

With the large amount of data online, there is no better time to use a Travel Advisor.

When I first started traveling, I never thought about using an advisor to assist with planning, but their services far exceeded my expectations. Your Travel Advisor is your advocate when things go wrong. They are just a phone call away to help re-schedule, communicate and de-stress the situation. It is a common misconception that using an advisor will be more expensive. It is not … they have access to special pricing, packages and added amenities, which has made our trip shockingly cheaper than expected.

As some of you may know I am a proud partner of Travel Leaders, a full-service travel agency since 1984.

Their team has traveled far and wide, they are knowledgeable in the accommodations, tours, transfers and they have personal relationships with hotels, resorts, tour operators, and tourism boards. From Greece specialists to Destination Weddings advisors, even a team dedicated to serving your Disney travel they will be there for you from beginning to end. They offer various segments of service, assisting many types and styles of travelers.

Business Travel

As a Travel Management Company, Travel Leaders has a Business Team with hands on advisors that provide technology, assistance and advocacy for you and your company’s travelers.

Vacation Travel

  • Bucket-List Destinations
  • Luxury Travel
  • Disney – Dream Team
  • Destination Weddings & Honeymoon
  • Ocean & River Cruising

Within these services, they have a team of advisors that specialize in various products and destinations. No two travelers are alike, and they understand that by listening and accommodating your travel aspirations and budget.

Using a travel advisor for our travels has brought more added value to our experience than ever would have imagined.

Your Travel Advisor has firsthand experience and training on many destinations. They specialize in ALL THINGS VACATION! At Travel Leaders they have established relationships with multiple vendors/suppliers and will help you find the one that best fit your travel needs.

Travel Leaders will ultimately build you a travel experience you won’t forget.

Who Says Disney is Just for Kids?

I had no idea what to expect as I was traveling to Walt Disney World for the first time with no children. As a 38 year old going on an adults only vacation what I came to find out is that … it was absolutely AMAZING!

Before I left I was kind of overwhelmed with the thought of being surrounded screaming kids and not being able to have a good time. I know Disney is the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but I also know the reality that when kids are tired, hungry or not getting their way, they will act out… no matter where they are. Once I was there I was relieved to find out that I was having way too much fun doing my own thing to get worked up over anything happening around me.

I know there is nothing like the joy of seeing Disney through a kids eyes, but the selfish part of me loved the fact that I got to do what I wanted to do. My kids are not into thrill rides, and thrill rides are what I live for! It was so awesome to be able to set up my FastPasses for things more my speed. Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, Aero Smith’s Rockin’ Roller Coaster… If there are large drops and speed, sign me up! Avatar Flight of Passage in Pandora is a must!

We were also there during Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival. It was so nice to be able to partake in this event without being told “I’m bored.” It also was nice to be able to enjoy a couple adult beverages without having mom guilt. This is a great event and I would highly recommend checking it out if you are to plan an adults only Disney experience. This festival usually runs sometime in September through November.

I would highly recommend checking out the evening entertainment in Disney Springs! When   Disney Springs was considered Downtown Disney, I felt it was something you could go to, but it was a necessity. Disney Springs has definitely become a destination in its own right. It’s a great place to shop, dine, drink and find entertainment. We went to Raglan Road Irish Pub for some late night snacks, refreshments and entertainment… It was definitely a major highlight of the trip! We got a table right by the stage and they had an amazing band playing Irish tunes such as The Galway Girl, Molly Malone, and Whiskey in the Jar. We were so exhausted after a full day of Disney, but this stop is something I’m so glad I did not miss out on! The energy at Raglan Road gave us our second wind and we were able to go out with a bang.

I would highly recommend visiting Walt Disney World as an adult, it’s a completely different experience. It was amazing to feel like a kid again and reminisce my youth.

The Magic of VIP Tour at Disney Parks!

We have all heard of FastPasses and many of us have used them, but are you familiar with the VIP Tours Disney offers? The VIP Tour is FastPass  X1000.
You don’t want to wait in lines … well here you go! You get to skip the lines and go to the font of the FastPass line.

You only have 3-hours and want to do ALL the most popular rides at the parks. We were able to get on three rides at Magic Kingdom and three rides at Animal Kingdom, including Pandora the flight of passage. It was amazing!

You usually have to wait in long lines to get into the park, but not when you are on a VIP Tour. You access the parks through a secret passage.

You can scheduled a VIP Tour Guide for the hours that best suit you and your family. If  you want to go to Magic Kingdom in the morning then go back to your hotel to take a nap … go for it. Then head back after you are rested for dinner and fireworks—no problem, they can handle this for you. There won’t be any lines or calling for reservations.

If you want dole whipped treat again, no worries, your VIP guide will make sure you get what you want on the way to an attraction! Plus, your guide will provide great insights on what to see and do.

This is the BEST way to do Disney. You’ll make everlasting family memories at a fast pace. I’d be happy to help book your VIP Tour!

Kind Hearts in Egypt

This story fills my heart.

My sister and I disembarked that morning last May from the MS Monaco Nile Cruise in Edfu, Egypt. The city with population of @133,000 was filled with merchants and shoppers preparing for the upcoming Ramadan Holiday beginning that weekend.

We took our excursion in a horse drawn carriage to the local Horus Temple. As I stepped off the carriage upon arrival to the Temple my heart sunk. My purse was gone. At some point the purse must of slipped out & fell onto the city street. Somewhere, anywhere, while I was taking pictures.

Once I realized what had happened the adrenaline started to make me shake. A few tears formed. Worst of all I felt like a complete idiot. After all I knew better. Taking a mental inventory, I had my phone. My passport was in the cabin safe on the ship. It contained no more than $100.00 USD worth of Egyptian Pound. My debit & a credit card. Brought reserves so that’s all okay. The Problem? It held my prescription glasses. Tough being angry with myself mostly.Our Tour Guide Wady boosted my spirits by saying we request a prescription from home and he would arraign for a cheap pair to be made in Aswan.

By this time our carriage driver spread the word through the city while retracing our steps. I made it clear I didn’t care about anything but the glasses. Made a mental note to myself that this was not going to dampen my adventure. What’s done is done.

After our tour we were told that a purse was found by a woman and she was inquiring at local shops as to its owner. I was brought to a town square and seated in the center amongst whispers. Someone gave me a cold Coke. Then from around the corner she came. A smile spread on everyone’s faces. It was all there. All my money, cards and glasses. Everything returned. A stranger of little means with an honest heart. Tears. Hugs. Wow. It was an amazing day.

Horseback in Salta

My trip to Argentina was one I will never forget. On the the highlights as horseback riding in Salta. We rode in full gear … I strapped on chaps and of course I was give the tallest horse and I had the shortest legs, but that didn’t stop me. I hopped right on and took off.

My horse jumped right in to a full on gallop and didn’t slow down. It was a beautiful ride through the Nothern part of the Andes Mountains outside of Salta. We rode through vineyards, fields and waterbeds.

This was a whole day affair. We stopped at a  Sayta Ranch, a small privately owned ranch next to vineyard.  We enjoyed a Gauchou BBQ where they cooked a full cow over an open fire … It was delicious! I washed down the meal with a local Malbec.

Would you like to head to Argentina? It’s gorgeous and I would be happy to help set you up with the perfect itinerary.

Guided Tours Highly Recommended

My Lovely trip to Italy was a guided tour provided to me from Trafalgar Tours and I would highly recommend it, especially for visiting a destination for the first time. Worry-free travel is a main reason.

A tour like this is conducted with a guide that is local, that knows the area and the information for each experience. You are chauffeured by luxury buses and the groups are no more than 40 people. The properties are 4 to 5 star and city central. The most authentic meals are provided.

“Doing it on your own” does provide a level of privacy, but there is so much that can be missed. Who would have thought to go to Perugia to see actual weaving, or go to a Olive Grove/Vineyard/19th Century Villa to have hand-made pasta made for you by an Italian countess. Not to mention cut-the-line tickets at the Vatican, which were all included, saved waiting in line for hours just to get inside.

I believe the whole experience was made so much richer by all these components and I would most certainly travel like this again to another destination.

Finding My Love for Italy

I’m so happy to have had the opportunity and the pleasure of visiting some of the amazing top cities of Italy, and discovered I am so very much in love with this destination. The sights old and new, the smells, the food, the wine, and of course the people all make me close my eyes, smile and wish I were back in this soulful place.

As I arrived into Rome, the first thing that really stood out is that even though it was October, it was 80 degrees … how wonderful! I had 3 sweaters I should not have brought along, but worse things have happened. I was on a guided tour of Italy and we started with taking a bus to a restaurant for an authentic pizza dinner. Of course, the sights were amazing on the way. The Colosseum, The Pantheon, the Government center all took your breath away. Where did the archeology and technology come from in ancient Rome? Not only were the buildings functional, but they were also beautiful and artistic.

Like the adage says, “When in Rome…” That evening we were treated to a wood-fire baked authentic pizza dinner. The smells of the fresh made sauce and the creamy mozzarella on a crispy crust filled the restaurant with deliciousness and warmth, like mama’s house, or was that the Chianti?

Day two brought our visit to the Vatican. The architecture and the art in every corner were spectacular, whether modern or ancient. I especially appreciated Michelangelo’s fresco ceiling and I was humbled at the “Touching the hand of God” painting. I was being silly but thought the Pope has a great job to be able to work and live here. Other grand pieces I enjoyed was the huge pineapple staircase outside in the courtyard and Bramante’s stepless spiral staircase on the inside.

Saint Peter’s Basilica was exquisite. I normally go to mass at the Cathedral of St. Paul, MN, so I am used to a huge church, but not like this. It is about 4 times the size with gold craftsmanship and porcelain tiling all over everything, even the ceiling. The paintings were larger than life all celebrating God and his disciples. No matter what religion you are, you will appreciate the hard work people did bringing this place to life.

Next on the itinerary was driving through the classic Tuscan countryside with the tall Cypress trees to get to the College of Preugia where we were greeted warmly by Marta, one of the last of the family textile weavers in all of Italy. Her studio was a 12th century church that housed 6 full-sized looms that were big enough to make blankets. After Marta gave us a lesson of how to set up a loom and to weave, I learned that the weaving was the easy part. The tough part was the details that go in to setting up the loom precisely to create patterns that tell a story, griffins, grape vines, falcons, fountains, made me truly appreciate the Italian art in this form that was being created before my eyes.

Florence was our next stop. Again, the sights from the familiar landscape of the city made me smile. The square was so fun and alive with people, and churches and shops and street vendors. A major feature of the area is the Duomo. (The famous domed church.) With its massive size and detail, I was in awe. Florence is known for its quality leather products so of course, I picked up a couple of handbags from the street vendors. Florence is where I had my first taste of lavender gelato in Italy. I don’t know if I can have gelato anywhere else when I started at the top.

That evening was a memory I will never forget. Our group was taken to an Italian villa and farm owned by an actual Italian Countess named Giada. The villa has been in the family since the 19th century and is still producing Olives, Olive oil and wine. I was in heaven.

After a Prosecco greeting in the courtyard of the Villa, we were given a tour of this amazing building and then settled in for some of Giada’s cooking. What an honor. It was a white linen dinner that started with a handmade dish of ribbon pasta, then salad and roasted chicken that fell off the bone. She finished the meal with a fresh baked limoncello cake. Delicioso! What a lovely evening with great food and new friends.

On to Bologna! This was a city filled with charm and vibrant sights and sounds of the Bologna Marketplace. There were fresh fish markets, bakeries, fruit stands, meat shops, and fashion houses for as far as the eye could see! For lunch I had the best pasta bolognaise I have ever tasted, alfresco with red checkered tablecloth and just watched the people of Bologna go by.

Off to Murano and the Vetreria Artistica Colleoni (Murano glass Company) for a lesson in glass blowing! Blown glass is another art that is coveted in Italy. From the most delicate pieces of jewelry, to sculptures, to the most spectacular chandeliers that are famous around the world, glass blowing is a skill that is made up of technique, speed and talent. The showroom just sparkled with color and light of the different pieces that could have been purchased.

The last stop was the best for last … AAAH, Venice. Our group was there on one of the rainiest days I have ever seen and still was a glorious experience. The view of St. Mark’s Square, the canals, the gondolas, the cobblestone streets and sculptures created what every photo I have ever seen conveyed, only better. I was there and I was in awe. Everything was so beautiful, even the water taxis! The city was alive with old and new everything and welcoming people everywhere. Walking the bridges was a challenge, but so fun and I captured some great photos and memories I will never forget.

Italy was a dream! I hope that you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful country and I would be happy to assist with the planning.

Nevis – An Unspoiled Caribbean Gem

This is the time of the year that many people head south to escape the worst that Minnesota’s winter can throw at us.  While Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic remain the most popular destinations for Minnesotans heading to the Caribbean, they are starting to suffer from the problems of overtourism and crowds.  For people seeking a more serene, authentic experience, the good news is that there are lots of excellent options available.  The island of Nevis, part of the southern Caribbean nation of St. Kitts & Nevis, is a perfect example.

Located about a five hour flight from Minneapolis, Nevis is a small, unspoiled, relaxing island of approximately 36 square miles and about 10,000 residents.  Non-stop flights to the neighboring island of St. Kitts are available every Saturday during the winter/spring season, or daily connecting flights are available through Miami.  From the St. Kitts airport, it is 30 minute transfer by taxi and water taxi to Nevis, and you’ll truly feel your stresses and worries vanish as you make your way to the island.

Visitors to Nevis will find high quality, luxurious accommodations scattered throughout the island. For the luxury-minded traveler, there is a stunning Four Seasons Resort located on a beautiful stretch of beach, boasting a Robert Trent Jones II golf course, a comprehensive family program (including babysitting service), and the top notch service you’d expect from Four Seasons. 

Other accommodations are equally luxurious, yet offer a far more intimate setting.  The Montpelier Plantation and Nisbet Plantation resorts are two of my favorites, each offering a distinctive island experience paired with superb cuisine.  Each occupies the site of a former sugar plantation, with charming accommodations in a highly private, uncrowded setting.  I am reliably informed that the rum punch served at Montpelier Plantation is the best in the Caribbean, and I can say from personal experience that the Johnny Cakes (similar to a fried pancake) at Nisbet Planation are outstanding!

There are no all-inclusive resorts on the islands, which encourages guests to leave the property and discover authentic regional cuisine in a variety of nice restaurants, none of which is more than a 20 minute drive from the resort.  Nevis boasts some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean, many offering open air or even beachfront dining.  The annual Nevis Mango and Food Festival, held in July of each year, brings chefs from around the world to compete in a series of competitions designed to showcase local food and produce.

Pleasant beaches surround the island, offering relaxation or a chance to go for a swim.  Snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water sports are readily available throughout the island.  For the active traveler, biking around the island can make for an enjoyable day.  Fancy a bit of cricket?  The island’s well-regarded home team hosts matches throughout much of the year.  Looking for a unique destination for a wedding or honeymoon?  Nevis offers some very romantic options.

Nevis is also an island rich in history.  The American founding father Alexander Hamilton was born on the island, and his birthplace is a museum that doubles as the island’s local parliament assembly.  The capital, Charlestown, is a charming mélange of Georgian English architecture mixed with bright Caribbean colors.  Elsewhere on the island, remnants of the once-dominant sugar industry can be seen, offering insight into Nevis’ unique history. 

The island’s residents, called Nevians, are friendly and welcoming, and very eager to share their special island with visitors.  If you’re looking for a unique destination to visit next winter, you’ll definitely want to put the island of Nevis on your list of places to go!

Mixology Class Aboard the Disney Dream

Traveling as an adult aboard the Disney Dream doesn’t only mean indulging your inner child.  There’s plenty to engage the travelers who are there to relax and unwind without the kiddos.

Disney is always known for its fantastic entertainment from first run movies, extraordinary live performances and deck parties.  And they also intrigue adults with top notch dining experiences at Remy and an entertainment district with lounges and nightclubs to suit any taste.

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a Mixology Class at Skyline.  We learned how to mix 4 different cocktails and got samples of them all.  My favorite was an elderflower margarita – yum!  Did I take my knowledge home and try it out on my husband or friends?  Not yet.

Disney also offers Mojito & Caipirinha Tasting, Tequila & Margarita Tasting, Champagne or Wine Tasting, Beer or Bourbon Tasting – basically almost anything you can imagine.

 The seminars do vary based on ship and itinerary and a nominal fee does apply. 


  • 2 oz reposado tequila
  • 1 oz St-Germain Elderflower Liquor
  • 1 oz fresh squeezed lime juice

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake vigorously.  Strain and serve with a lime wheel slice as garnish.

Family Fun at Nickelodeon Punta Cana

For our very first family vacation, my husband and I took our 3 year old son on a 4 night/5 day vacation to Nickelodeon Punta Cana.  To put it simply, it was AMAZING!

The property itself, is owned and operated by Karisma Resorts, which have several properties in Mexico, and recently one available in Jamaica.  They really know what they are doing!  They’ve built beautiful properties, with wonderful service, amenities, and food, and have really created the perfect resort for those parents who want to take their small children on vacation without sacrificing luxury and service.

There are two sides to the property.  The resort side, and the Nickelodeon side.  On the resort side, you will find 4 buildings with various room categories, as well as Pool Super Villas and the wonderful Pineapple Villa.  The Pineapple Villa, is a one of a kind, two level, 2292 sq foot tribute to Bikini Bottom.  Believe me, you’ve never seen anything like it!

We stayed in a Flat Suite, a large spacious room, with the ability to close off the bedroom portion to create 2 separate spaces.  It also includes a huge soaker tub (perfect to bath your little ones) and a great walk in rain shower.  The terrace was huge as well, giving great space to hang out outdoors as well.

In the main area, you will find 5 restaurant choices, including Spacewalker, where the servers are dressed in space attire, and BRGRS.PH, where you can order from an indoor food truck, a Machete Burger, big enough for the whole family!

Just a short golf cart ride away (you can catch a ride all day, either at various designated stops, or anytime a cart goes by) you will transport to Nickelodeon Place.  This is where you will find Sponge Bob, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dora and Boots, and Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol!

Along with character visits and photo ops, there is a wonderful water park, built for younger children. (My personal opinion is that it would lose it’s luster for children over 8).  There is a lazy river, which circles the water park, and Aqua Bite, for kid friendly meals and adult beverages to boot!

In the evening, is when you really realize how perfect this resort is for your young children.  The resort has great little “parties” they put on after dinner, with fun little activities, cotton candy and music, right in the “town square”. It has a great community vibe to it, and it’s a nice chance for your kids to play with others while Mom and Dad have a cocktail and smile.

There are so many great things about this property, and if your children are 6 and under, you may cry on numerous occasions like me…….I was overcome by that look of pure, absolute joy on my boy’s face, and I couldn’t hold back the tears 🙂

Romantic Fine Dining at Disney’s California Grill

Disney World is best known for family-friendly character dining but there are actually a lot of great romantic fine-dining options available. One of my favorites is the California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

This restaurant offers the perfect ambiance with sophisticated décor and an amazing view from the top of the world. I would highly recommend a window table and if you plan things just right you will be able to see the fireworks show while you are eating. How cool!

One of the best parts about the dining experience is that there is an onstage kitchen and the staff prepares the meals.  The menu offers fresh seasonal ingredients. The wine list … is never ending! There are over 250 wine to choose from, plus craft beers, ciders and signature cocktails created by some fantastic mixologists.

So drop the kids off at the kids club, put on your best dress, and head out for an adult evening.

Time for a Romantic Dinner at Blue Bayou, Disneyland Resort

Romance is in the air for this experience!  Enjoy Nighttime in N’awlins!  Stepping down into this truly unique setting where the bayou is, literally, by YOU!

Always ask to be seated on the water’s edge!  You will spot passenger boats from inside Pirates of the Caribbean as they sail through the eatery.

Looking around, you are surrounded in the essence of New Orleans as overhead strings of colorful balloon lanterns cast an enchanting glow, dotting the darkness where crickets chirp, frogs croak and fireflies wink while providing amazing ambiance like none other.

When I visited this beautiful restaurant, it was so dark (and romantic), I wasn’t sure how I would be able to read the menu.  To my surprise, when you open the menu, it lights up!  Talk about a little Disney magic!  I will never forget my experience here.  We loved waving at the boats on the ride, and the food was simply amazing.  I ordered steak that melted in my mouth!  Best ever.

So if you are looking for a little romantic escape on your next adventure to Disneyland Resort, check out this restaurant, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Soaking Up Culture & Adventure in Costa Rica

Costa Rica was a vacation unlike any other I have experienced. I was introduced to the rainforests of La Fortuna on this journey and fell in love! My family and I spent 4 nights near Arenal Volcano and another 4 nights on the coast of Guanacaste.

During our vacation, we went on a tour of our resorts animal preserve led by the resort’s naturalist. This was an excellent learning experience for our 3 teenagers. We also enjoyed the areas hot springs and a little white water tubing. On our list for our next visit to the rainforest is zip lining and hiking!

We also spent a day with an excellent tour guide and explored the Palo Verde National Park. We had an opportunity to observe many different species of birds, crocodiles and even monkeys that day. The coast was also full of beautiful beaches and sunsets.

Please let me know if I can help you or someone you know plan a vacation that will help you drink in the beauty and culture of a destination you would like to learn more about!

Up Close and Personal with Whale Sharks

When I was in Australia I had an opportunity to swim with Whale sharks on the Ningaloo Reef. Swimming with sharks has been on my bucket list FOREVER…so I was very happy to finally check it off. The Ningaloo reef is located on the west side of Australia. You would take a 2 hour flight north from Perth to the town of Exmouth.

You can swim with whale sharks from April through July so my trip in June was perfect timing. From August to October it is Humpback whale season, which is another opportunity you won’t want to miss out on. For this trip I went with a company called Live Ningaloo. Only 10 people are allowed on the boat at a time to get in the water with the sharks. It’s a very intimate experience.

There is a photographer and a guide on the boat with the 10 of us. The photographer will get in the water first so they can get in the perfect position to capture these magical moments. The guide will follow and then all us sat down on the back of the boat in a line. One by one we all got in the water and lined up to watch the whale pass by.  Once they pass you are more than welcome to swim with them IF you can keep up. They are crazy fast! I tried to swim with them but they are much faster than one would think. These sharks are magnificent creatures. I know they are very large animals but once in the water you realize they are much larger than I expected.  However they very gentle and glide with ease through the water. We are instructed to stay behind their front fins and do not go in front of the whales when swimming with them.

Ever wonder how they spot these whales? Well they have spotter planes that are up in the sky looking for the whales. Think about that for a second.. a plane is needed to spot the whales and that they are that big that they can be spotted from a plane. Once they are spotted they radio down to the boats. The captains will then take off and try to get ahead of the whales so that everyone can get situated in the water for it to swim by. We saw 2 whales and were in the water about 10 times with them. It was just such a cool experience. When looking back, I sit here and think about how you are out in the middle of the ocean with these massive creatures with nothing else around. You looking down and all you can see is the deep blue.. don’t recommend looking down. Haha.

I have always wanted to do this in Australia and know I can say that I have. This is one of the top 5 spots to do this in the World to do the whale shark swim. I was very nervous but those nerves quickly disappeared once I got in the water with them. I can’t wait to do it again, it was such an amazing experience! I would love to tell you more and help you plan your adventure.

Romantic Honeymoons on a Cruise

A cruise can be a very romantic honeymoon with the right planning. Imagine sitting on your balcony sailing the seas.  Imagine seeing multiple islands or even countries without having to haul your bags, switch trains, or spend your afternoons going through airport security!

Where are you … The Caribbean? The Greek Isles? Hawaii? French Polynesia? Asia? Australia? The Mexican Riviera? The Mediterranean? Or a cruise to nowhere?

There are so many possibilities as far as a cruising destination, and with the ease of having your accommodations moving with you, the stress-free aspect definitely adds to the romance.

There are big ships, small ships, yacht style and tall-ships. Each cruise line offers a different experience, and it is that experience that really sets the tone for your honeymoon. As much as you may think that the destinations are top priority, you must factor in the sailing experience as well. If you have a wonderful day exploring a destination, what is the vibe you want to feel when you get back on the ship. Maybe you are ready to party, or maybe all you want is to sit on an open deck and feel the ocean air on your face. Perhaps you’d like to do dinner and a show, or maybe you’d rather grab a slice of pizza and go to the casino?

Every honeymoon couple is different, and every cruise line has differences as well, so make sure you are working with a professional, who can help you book the right one!