Why You Should Use a Travel Agent for Business Trips?

Travel Agencies have been around for over 100 years.  Things have changed quite a bit since then. Travel Agencies originally primarily focused on leisure travel.  It wasn’t until later that business travel management came about and business travel management companies were introduced.  The business traveler now requires more service than ever before.  Many companies are now holding meetings at various locations around the world. Some of the key things that come in to play when planning a business trip includes; following company policies, personal preferences, and reporting … just to name a few.  

If you use an online booking tool your company policies aren’t taken into consideration, you will not receive detailed reporting of company travel, or have the human touch that a travel agency offers.  Travel Agents focus on business travel balance between the company and its traveler.  They take care of all details no matter how small they are.  When a better price becomes available, many times they can rebook the reservation saving the company hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. 

Is a Travel Agency becoming an old fossil?  Absolutely not.  Time, knowledge, efficiency, service and technology are all valuable and that’s what your travel agency can offer.  Trust an expert who knows the industry inside and out and takes pride in their job.  At Travel Leaders we will offer the best service for both the traveler and company.

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Laurie Johnsrud

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