Business Travel – Tips for Winter Travel

Business Travel

When you’re getting ready to go out of town on a business trip, you’re naturally focused on work, from all of the documents you’ll need to bring, the presentations to put together and the meetings you have to schedule.


Packing for your destination is as important as what you put in your briefcase, and in the rush of preparation, you may overlook a few things. Here’s a reminder about some of those essentials you’ll need during winter travel, whether you’re heading to a cold or warm climate.


Traveling in winter can bring some challenges, from wind and cold to snow and ice.


Bring a good pair of gloves that will keep your hands nice and warm. Look for touchscreen gloves, which enable you to use a smartphone screen while you have them on. If you’re concerned about how they’ll go with business attire, you can get a lined, leather pair.


Odds are you’ll be shaking a lot of hands as you meet clients and colleagues during your trip. Keep your hands looking and feeling good by packing a small tube of lotion that will hydrate extra-dry skin. Get a brand that has a non-greasy feel to it.


Remember that the sun can be abnormally bright in winter, so don’t leave your sunglasses at home. Bring a pair with polarized lenses that will keep out the glare and are durable enough to last through the rigors of business travel.


You’ll need hot beverages to stay hot while you’re traveling in cold weather, especially if you need to drive at any point during your trip. Look for a stainless-steel travel mug for your coffee or tea. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your needs.


Never underestimate the power of good layering that will keep you comfortable in all temperatures. Today, warm winter clothes don’t have to be big and bulky. Look for thin merino-wool sweaters and windproof, water-resistant jackets that are lightweight and easy to pack.


If business travel is taking you to a hot and sunny destination, it’s easy to forget some things as you’re packing, especially if you’re coming from a cold climate and have all your summer clothes put away. Sure, you have your daytime business attire ready to go. But don’t forget that you’ll need some cool, casual clothes, including short-sleeved shirts and lightweight footwear, whether it’s for a work-related dinner or for your off time when you’re just relaxing by the pool or taking a walk across the beach.


Whenever you’re traveling, it’s a good idea to wear compression socks. If you are taking a flight or driving for hours as you’ll likely be sedentary for an extended period of time. Compression socks gently apply pressure to your legs in a way that helps promote blood flow. Check with your doctor — they’re a necessity for some medical conditions or for travelers who are sensitive to swelling in their legs or ankles. Some travelers use them whenever they fly, even for short trips. They’ll keep the circulation in your legs going and your feet warm.


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