Creepy Castles

Dracula’s Castle, Transylvania, Romania

There isn’t a more perfect finish to our series on Creepy Travel Destinations than a visit to Dracula’s Castle. Or as it is now referred to “Vampire Tourism.” Long before Dark Shadows, Vampire Slayers & Twilight cuties if Vampires are mentioned Count Dracula has been our icon. We all know the name, where he is from and that the place is real. Why not go there?

Surrounded in the arc of the Carpathian mountain chain are some of Europe’s best-preserved medieval towns with tiny shops offering antiques and fine hand made products from local artists, cobblestone streets, pastel colored houses and castles. Approximately 16 miles south of Brasov tour high upon an empty mountaintop stands the famous, Bran Castle, most commonly referred to as Dracula’s Castle. Inspiration for the Bram Stoker classic novel Dracula.

A full day tour from Bucharest this spooky-looking fortress is one of the most haunted places in Transylvania, Romania. You will travel through dark forests haunted by vampires, werewolves and restless souls. Vlad the Impaler, the real Dracula, bestowed gruesome punishment here for intruders and disobedient citizens. Human bodies were impaled and placed on stakes. At dusk Europe’s largest bat colonies swarm the area. Romania is home to 32 bat species. Watch for the Vampire bat!

There is a party! The Halloween in Transylvania trip with G Adventures travelers party here the night of Oct. 31st. Bran Castle is exclusive to G Adventures this very evening. They promise ghosts, ghouls and frightful fun. This Halloween Party you’ll really want to sink your teeth into. Next year?

Leap Castle, County Offaly, Ireland

Less than a 2- hour journey from Dublin by train, taxi, bus or car just North of Roscrea stands Leap Castle. Long regarded as one of Ireland’s most notoriously haunted destinations is a must for our list of creepy destinations to visit!

Built in the 1500’s Leap Castle has a turbulent and blood history. Home to spirits. A burly man… a priest or monk perhaps haunt The Priest’s House. The Bloody Chapel has been reported to have occurrences of light streaming out of upper windows late at night. The Murder Hole building of gothic mystery and scene of a bloody murder has blood stains still visible on the floor. The Red Lady has been seen carrying a dagger in her hand. Another murdered woman screams twice and disappears. Two young girls have a been seen playing in the hallways and running up the stairwell. One with a deformed leg she drags behind her. Apparitions of an old man has been seen numerous times sitting peacefully by the fire in the main hall.

The history and stories are vast and span centuries. It’d be worth taking the time to read a bit ahead of visiting so one can be prepared to experience whatever haunts are in store!

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