Australia Ayers Rock

From tropical rainforests to miles of beautiful coastline, Australia – the sixth biggest country in the world – boasts an incredible, diverse landscape. With over 2,000 national parks, and over 7,000 beaches, this place is a natural wonderland! From the beautiful ocean waters of the Great Barrier Reef to the great lush peaks of the Blue Mountains, Australia is an endless adventure.

However, Australia is not only great for its natural wonders. No, there is so much more! Australia has been home to Aboriginals for over 50,000 years! Want to know more about one of the oldest surviving civilizations on Earth? Visit the Australian Museum, or head out to the Northern Territory and witness the ancient ruins and the culture of the Aboriginals first-hand!

Along with the natural beauty, Australia also offers the sophisticated modern comforts of big city living. Spend some time in Sydney and settle into the city life. Take advantage of Australia’s impressive public transit system, and take a day seeing all Sydney has to offer. With excellent shopping, endless restaurant choices, and too many entertainment opportunities to name, Sydney is an exciting city to spend a day (or night) in.

  • Bushwalking – what we would generally call walking, hiking or trekking. Austrailia has so many different hiking experiences. Check out the Thorsborne Trail of Queensland, The Wilderness Coast Walk, or even the Australian Alps Walking Track, a much more serious trek of up to 60 days!
  • Surfing – Home to world renowned Bell’s Beach, Australia offers many amazing locations for all levels of surf skill. Many of the locations can be a bit overcrowded, but truly dedicated surfers can seek out one of the many hidden areas along the coastline unknown to other travelers!
  • Snorkeling – The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland is one of the most magnificent natural sights in the world. See it for yourself first-hand!
  • Currency: Australian Dollars
  • Official Language: English
  • Australia was the last land mass to be discovered by European explorers
  • Australia is home to 14 World Heritage Sites
  • Aboriginals have inhabited Australia for over 50,000 years
  • Australia has over 2,000 National Parks and over 7,000 beaches
  • From November to March there is a heightened risk of serious bush fires in the south

  • From October to May, the northern coastal waters are home to the box jellyfish, whose dangerous sting can be deadly

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