How to Fly and Be Fly

Preparing for an upcoming business trip or vacation can be an exciting experience. As you plan which sights you’d like to see along with where you’ll be staying, it’s also important to plan for what you’ll be bringing with you and wearing on your flight. Though comfort should be your number one priority, it’s always nice to feel both stylish and relaxed at the same time. The next time you start to prepare for your next big trip, consider the tips below on how you can be fly, as you fly.

Test Your Outfits

Before you leave for the airport, test out your travel outfits in advance. If you know you still want to look good as you hop off the plane to your destination, sweatpants are probably not the best choice. Spend a day wearing the outfits you have in mind for your flight, and take note of the breathability and tightness of each piece you have on. Shop in advance for a pair of jeans that make you feel at ease and fashion-forward at the same time. Test out tops that are both light-weight and stylish. Once you’ve done your homework on which items feel best, put them all together for the perfect travel-day look.

Invest in Athleisure Wear

With athleisure looks growing steadily in popularity, rocking this style is a great way to stay trendy as you travel. From sporty leggings and lightweight sneakers to subtle and soft sweatshirts, this style offers a way for you to be both cool and comfortable. Take some time to research the best leggings for travel or look to well-known brands like Lululemon for all your athleisure needs. Lululemon products are known for their breathable yet form fitting styles, making their looks perfect for travel. If their items are a bit out of your price range, try your hand at shopping used Lululemon looks online. Wherever you choose to find your favorite new sporty look, you won’t regret breaking it out for your next long flight.

Find Luxury Luggage

If you want to feel like a baller every time you travel, consider finding a more luxurious set of luggage. Look for matching floral suitcase sets online or even opt for a glossy shade of neutral bags to keep you feeling confident and classy as you make your way through the local airport. Chances are, the more you invest in your luggage, the more versatile it will be as well. Look for baggage options that offer smart packing solutions to save you time as you prepare for your trip. The more organized you feel as you check your bags, the more fly you’ll feel as you board your flight.

Research Travel Gadgets

Another great way to feel ahead of the game before vacation is to come prepared with the best travel gadgets possible. There are a variety of options to choose from including inflatable neck pillows that allow you to save room in your carry-on, to noise-cancelling headphones. Though most of us don’t need a portable cocktail kit for our next international flight, it’s still nice to know the option exists in the first place. Before you set off on your next vacation, take the time to purchase the gadgets you know you’ll need on your flight. Having simple things such as wireless chargers on hand can make a huge difference in the long run.


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