Hidden Treasures of Portugal

If you haven’t been to Portugal, I highly suggest you make the trip.

Here are just a few of its hidden treasures:

  1. The Alfama District is Lisbon’s most symbolic quarter. You will step back in time exploring this residential neighborhood which is considered a village within a city. Take a stroll through medieval alleys, narrow streets and small squares. Pass by beautiful churches and whitewashed houses with tile panels and wrought-iron balconies adorned with pots of flowers.
  2. Cataplana de Marisco is a fish or seafood stew and takes its name for the clam-shaped copper pot called a cataplana in which it’s cooked. The Moors from north Africa introduced the dish to Portugal back in the 8th century and the dish is now considered a classic dish of the Algarve. While the ingredients vary from region to region, the dish always includes white fish, seafood, red peppers, onions and a little chili. This is all put into the cataplana and the lid is closed firmly down before cooking so that the food inside is steamed to delicious perfection.
  3. Obidos, Portugal is the classic Portuguese fortified town and is one of the most picturesque locations in Portugal. Obidos radiates Portuguese charm, from the narrow, cobbled streets, the quaint houses, through to the imposing medieval castle which once guarded the region. There is no better example of a traditional Portuguese town than Obidos and it makes for a wonderful excursion from Lisbon.

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