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Highlights of Antarctia by Hurtigruten

Spend a night in the Argentine capital, where tango was invented and is still celebrated and performed in establishments across the city. The next day, you’ll fly to Ushuaia and board your hybrid electric–powered ship, MS Roald Amundsen. Then you’ll sail south into the Drake Passage, toward Antarctica. That’s when we enter expedition mode for real, allowing sea ice and local weather to determine our agenda on any given day. Never to fear, our decades of experience here and with more than 20 landing spots available in the Antarctic Peninsula, we’ll always bring you to the best available sites.

The wonders of Antarctica

It will be austral summer when you arrive to Antarctica. The temperature is milder and the days stretch longer. With increased sunlight, it may seem much longer than just five days spent among the icebergs and glaciers. Your January arrival means viewing colonies of thousands of penguins with their adorable chicks.  Our Expedition Team will take you ice-cruising and on landings to get you even closer to the impressive scenery. You may even get the chance to go kayaking among icebergs on an optional activity. 


January 2-13, 2023

Experience a fragile world of dramatic beauty and remarkable wildlife, including penguins, seals, and whales. A surreal landscape of jagged mountain peaks and icebergs of every shape, size, and endless shades of white-blue that reflect their ancient origins, we’ll take you to the hidden treasures and untouched wilderness of the most remote continent on Earth.

ENJOY bucket-list, active, immersive adventures such as hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, and even camping on the Great White Continent

TIME YOUR VOYAGE to take advantage of the di erent Antarctic animals’ life cycles, such as penguins mating and nest building, penguin chicks growing and learning to swim, whale sightings and fur seal populations at their peak

GET UP CLOSE to fascinating, beautiful icebergs by small boat or kayak

OBSERVE up to eight species of penguins and stand among enormous penguin colonies, and observe their precious waddling, tripping, and belly-flopping to the sea along their ‘penguin highways,’ humorous interactions with one another, and hilarious communication style!

Kickstart your adventure with an overnight stay in Buenos Aires. Aptly called the ‘Paris of South America’, Buenos Aires is a sensuous fusion of faded European splendor and Latin American panache. Spend the evening at your leisure. Enjoy an authentic steak dinner at one of the city’s many parrillas, or head to Plaza de Mayo to spend time sightseeing at the city’s best-known landmarks.

One day in Buenos Aires just isn’t enough, though. We highly recommend that you arrive a few days early to truly immerse yourself in this seductive and sophisticated city, filled with historic French and Italian architecture.

There is so much to do in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is home to numerous fine and modern art museums, landscaped parks, and one of the world’s greatest opera houses, Teatro Colón. That’s during the day—then comes Buenos Aires’s world-famous nightlife. If you’re in the city of tango, you shouldn’t leave without joining the locals for an informal lesson. For the less bold, enjoy a dance performance.

Estimated time of departure is 7:00 PM

First thing in the morning, we fly to the so-called ‘End of the World’: the port city of Ushuaia. Here, your voyage truly begins. Your base camp at sea awaits you! Welcome aboard the world’s first hybrid electric–powered expedition ship, the MS Roald Amundsen. On board, you’ll meet the Expedition Team and the crew members, who will take you through a mandatory health and safety meeting, for your safety and that of others. Later that evening, we will launch our journey with a welcome dinner. Afterward, take some time familiarize yourself with our state-of-the-art vessel, designed especially for sustainable voyages in polar waters. As we pass through the scenic Beagle Channel, watch for the rare, endemic Peale’s dolphin and other wildlife.

The Crossing to the Seventh Continent

The Drake Passage has rightly earned its notorious reputation as a rite of passage for any voyager. It can be rough. It can be choppy. It can be exhilarating! In 2019, a crew of six fatigued men became the first to row across it, skirting drifting ice and huge waves. It took them 13 days. Thankfully, it won’t take you more than two, all in the comfort of MS Roald Amundsen.

During the southbound voyage, prepare yourself for what lies ahead by joining lectures in the dedicated onboard Science Center. The Expedition Team will make sure you are familiar with the IAATO guidelines, which were written to protect both you and Antarctica’s precious wildlife—for example, why we must wear special rubber boots when going ashore. The experts from the Expedition Team are passionate about Antarctica’s history and will shed light on the science beneath its surface—not to mention the far-reaching effects of climate change and plastic pollution. You’ll also learn about how to participate in Citizen Science programs. These projects help research centers around the world document Antarctica’s environment and wildlife. Swing over to the Science Center for helpful tips from our onboard photographer, whose useful advice—for example, how to adjust the white balance on your camera—will greatly improve the quality of your photos. With so many things to do, your two days at sea will fly by.

Like all polar explorers, you’re going to whip up an appetite. Satisfy your appetite in one of our three restaurants, or end the day in the Explorer Lounge enjoying the beverage of your choice. As you stroll through the ship, with its wide, floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll notice how every effort was made to put the stunning scenery at center stage. Whether from the comfort of a hot tub, the infinity pool, or the spectacular sauna, you won’t miss a second of the breathtaking views around you.

Where Nature Reigns

You might have read about Antarctica or watched every documentary you could get your hands on. You might even have taken detailed notes in the onboard lectures given the day before. But nothing prepares you for when you see it yourself. Welcome to an endless wilderness of ice, icebergs, and glaciers. A place where nature is king and us mortals mere observers.

Perhaps the most surprising part of Antarctica is the silence. Its stillness is broken from time to time by the only locals on the continent.

These of course are the wide range of seabirds, including bitterns, swans, and petrels, who soar in the sky and gather on the shores. In addition to thousands of penguins, you might see seals playing in the water, a breaching humpback whale, or, if luck will have it, even spot an orca. You’ll quickly note that penguins are unafraid of humans—after all, this is their turf. Our Expedition Team will take you ice-cruising and on landings to bring you even closer to the impressive scenery. You may even have the opportunity to kayak among the icebergs in an optional activity. The Expedition Team will continue giving lectures, which help provide insights into the fascinating world we are exploring.

Surrounded by such pristine nature, you will quickly understand the importance of the most commonly given advice on Antarctica: Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints. That is exactly how we explore. Along every step of the way, whether on ice-cruises or landings, the Expedition Team will ensure that we strictly adhere to all safety and sustainability procedures.

A Return to Open Waters

After five days of exploration in Antarctica, you may need a little time to absorb this life-affirming experience. The two-day trip back up the Drake Passage will give you that time to reflect. Take the opportunity to participate in the Citizen Science program and analyze samples on a microscopic level. Continue to learn by attending lectures on topics such as climate change or plastic pollution, and we will reflect on our experiences on the frozen continent.

When you feel ready to kick back and enjoy the amenities on the advanced hybrid electric–powered vessel, you can do that, too. Work out in our large gym, jog around our outdoor running track, treat yourself to a massage or facial in the Wellness Center, or simply relax on deck while spotting the numerous seabirds following the ship.

Estimated time of arrival is 7:00 AM

Your expedition cruise ends where it began: in Ushuaia. Soon, you’ll be back in Buenos Aires. From there, you can head home or take this opportunity to get to know the passionate city of the Porteños. You can also join a Post-Program to the magnificent Iguazú waterfalls.

Even though it’s time to say goodbye to the crew, the captain, Expedition Team, and your fellow passengers, this ending is really only the beginning. The memories you’ve made are yours forever. Your connection to the frozen continent? Unbreakable. You’re one of us now: an adventurer, a lifelong ambassador for Antarctica. and advocate for sustainable expedition cruising.

Get the most out of your cruise with activities run by our Expedition Team. They start from the ship, and are available for reservation once you get on board. Activities are subject to change and limited.  Some experiences will be available by lottery only once on the ship.  All activities are weather dependent.

Camping in Antarctica (An Amundsen Night)

In the true style of the early explorers, we venture out for a once-in-a-lifetime experience of camping in the Antarctic night.

Although explorers Amundsen, Scott, and Nordenskjöld used different equipment, they used the best gear available at the time. So do we. This activity features top-of-the-line camping equipment that meets Antarctic standards for camping on snow.

  • Sleeping under the Antarctic sky with only the thin wall of your tent separating you from the elements.
  • Encounter Antarctica’s natural elements up close
  • In the true style of the early explorers, we venture out at night
  • Stay warm and comfortable with top-quality camping gear

Extended hikes in Antarctica

Join the Expedition Team on handpicked hikes based on their deep and extensive knowledge of exploring the Antarctic Peninsula. Reaching the best viewpoints involve some effort, making it all the more satisfying when you do.

  • Become a part of nature
  • Explore more of the area
  • Guided by the highly experienced Expedition Team

Kayaking Adventure in Antarctica

Paddle quietly through Antarctic waters and admire the sight of glaciers, icebergs, and snow-covered mountains. You might even meet seals, birds, penguins, and perhaps even whales along the way.

  • Kayak tours optimal for beginners
  • Exploring by kayak means enjoying nature in tranquility
  • Wildlife sightings may be plentiful as you glide through the water without the sound of a motor.
  • It’s a safe experience, accompanied by very experienced guides with the highest-quality equipment

Snowshoeing in Antarctica

This activity is only possible when snow conditions are right, which is usually austral late spring or early in the Antarctic summer. Equipped with modern snowshoes, you’ll easily walk on the soft snow and reach places that are normally difficult to visit on foot.

  • Explore snowy areas that are hard to reach without snowshoes
  • Feel the spirit of the early Antarctic explorers who persevered through great frozen expanses
  • Expert guidance by the Expedition Team
  • The thrill of snowshoeing



  • Overnight in Buenos Aires before the expedition cruise, including breakfast


  • Flights in economy class between Buenos Aires and Ushuaia


  • Transfer from the hotel in Buenos Aires to the airport before the expedition cruise
  • Transfers between the Ushuaia airport and the ship, including a brief tour of the town

Expedition Cruise

  • Expedition cruise in a cabin of your choice
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including beverages (house beer and wine, sodas, and mineral water) in restaurants Aune and Fredheim
  • Fine-dining À la carte restaurant Lindstrøm is included for suite guests
  • Complimentary tea and coffee
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi on board. Be aware that we sail in remote areas with limited connection. Streaming is not supported.
  • Complimentary reusable water bottle to fill at onboard water refill stations
  • English-speaking Expedition Team who organize and guide activities, both on board and ashore
  • Range of included activities

Onboard activities

  • Experts from the Expedition Team present detailed lectures on a variety of topics
  • Use the ship’s Science Center, which features an extensive library and advanced biological and geological microscopes
  • The Citizen Science program allows guests to contribute to current scientific research projects
  • The onboard professional photographer will give tips and tricks for taking the best landscape and wildlife photos
  • The ship has hot tubs, a sauna, an outdoor and indoor gym, and an outdoor running track
  • Participate in informal gatherings with the crew, such as daily recaps and the next day’s preparations

Landing activities

  • Escorted landings in a small boat (RIB) while in Antarctica
  • Loan of boots, trekking poles, and all equipment needed for the activities
  • Complimentary wind- and water-resistant expedition jacket
  • Expedition photographers will help configure your camera settings before landings

Not Included In Your Expedition

  • International flights to/from Buenos Aires
  • Travel protection (Travel insurance is required for Antarctica)
  • Baggage handling
  • Optional shore excursions with our local partners
  • Optional small-group activities with our Expedition Team
  • Optional treatments in the onboard wellness and spa area


  • All planned activities are subject to weather and ice conditions
  • Excursions and activities are subject to change
  • Please ensure you can meet all entry and boarding requirements
  • No gratuities are expected

Pricing based on Double Occupancy

Polar Outside $9,394 per traveler

Arctic Superior with Balcony $10,866 per traveler

Expedition Suite with Balcony $12,606 per traveler

Pricing based on Single Occupancy

Polar Outside $12,852 per traveler

Arctic Superior with Balcony $14,986 per traveler

Expedition Suite with Balcony $23,251 per traveler

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Learn more about the Ship

MS Roald Amundsen is the first of two hybrid ships Hurtigruten will add to its fleet over the next few years. Emissions are cut by sailing with electrical propulsion. Innovative sustainable technology reduces fuel consumption and CO2-emissions on the ships by 20 percent. 

Named after the first man to cross Antarctica and reach the South Pole, MS Roald Amundsen leads the way towards an even more sustainable way of traveling. The ship is specially constructed for voyages in polar waters. It serves as a comfortable base camp at sea – bringing adventurers from all over the world to the most spectacular destinations in the most sustainable way.