Karosta Prison in Liepaja, Latvia

Does staying overnight in a former Nazi (then Soviet) military prison sound creepy enough for you? Let me make you a reservation.

Lieaja is situated along beaches of the Baltic Sea. The Karosta Prison is easily accessible on the north side of town. Guided tours of the prison & museum are available. Add-on activities include Spy Game Escape, Airsoft Military simulation from USSR, escape rooms and the Labyrinth of Senses. An underground passageway system built during the Czar. I would make sure to book these in advance. The one I’d really like to sentence you to is Extreme Night in Prison.

For 17 Euro the night is complete with historical costumes & military uniforms guests are treated like inmates. Every prisoner lies on the bare wooden bed for a dark and dismal night. Breakfast in bed included served by prison-guard. While under 24- hour surveillance and verbal abuse by guards you can look forward to being properly haunted.

Staff will share stories of paranormal activity as the site where thousands of prisoners died on site. Cell doors open randomly. Lightbulbs come unscrewed on their own. The ghost of a woman who hanged herself still wanders the corridors. What more could you ask for?

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Leslie Strowbridge

Leslie Strowbridge

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