Does your Host Agency Help You to Specialize?

It’s a well-established fact in the travel industry that travel advisors who specialize in a particular type of travel or destination have higher earning power than generalists.  It’s no longer enough to just have the brochures and the means to book a trip – today’s consumers expect their agent to be a specialist.   Savvy agents understand this and have embraced specialization as a key building block of their business success.

As you grow in your specialty, it’s important to ask yourself whether or not your host agency supports you in your specialty.  Some mega host agencies try to be everything to everyone, while others are too small to provide access to enough resources. 

At Travel Leaders Market Square Travel, we think we’ve found the sweet spot in hosting.  Neither too large and impersonal nor too small to help you compete effectively, we offer our hosted advisors access to the tools they need to succeed as specialists in luxury and experiential travel, romance travel (including destination weddings and honeymoons), Disney travel, group travel, corporate travel, and cruises.

How do we do this?  Through a comprehensive hosting program that includes:

  • Access to industry-leading specialist training programs
  • Access to leading edge technology
  • Highly personalized support in sales and marketing
  • Strong, diverse, and local supplier relationships
  • Proven marketing tools
  • Unique opportunities to share best practices and learn from other advisors in your specialty, both in person and virtually

Want to learn more about how our host agency can support your specialty?  Fill out this form to schedule a personal conversation to discuss how hosting with Travel Leaders Market Square Travel can help support your business goals.

 Contact our Host Program Manager for details.

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