Locke’s Distillery in Kilbeggan, Ireland

The Kilbeggan Distillery is the oldest distillery in the world, dating back to 1757. Come sample and discover the history of authentic artisan Irish whiskey.

The tour starts in 1757. Find out how Irish whiskey was made in decades past. Discover the families that owned the distillery and the importance the local community had on the brand you see today.

Visitors to the Kilbeggan Distillery Experience will learn about the traditional methods of mashing in oak mash tuns, fermenting in Oregon pine vats and see the new Kilbeggan malt spirit flowing from ancient pot stills. The original waterwheel which once powered the whole distillery is still on show today.

A stroll across the courtyard takes you to the present day, where whiskey is still being produced using ancient traditions, passed on from generation to generation. The Kilbeggan Whiskey Bar is worth a visit to browse the complete range of whiskeys, while the Pantry Restaurant has everything you need for a hearty lunch.

If you have some extra time to spend in Kilbeggan I would recommend a visit to the Kilbeggan Chocolate & Coffee Bar and The Saddler’s Inn Pub, both of which are within walking distance of the distillery. Kilbeggan is the halfway point between Dublin and Galway, a perfect stop to visit the local sights!


Interesting Fact: The Gaelic words ‘Kil’ and ‘Kill’ are found in the names of many Irish cities (Kilbeggan, Killarney, Kilkenny, Kildare, etc.). Kil=church and kill= wood. A church may have been built and the village followed, hence the word ‘Kil’ (Killarney= ‘Church of Sloes’ in Gaelic). Many towns were also named after significant landmarks such as woods, hence the use of ‘Kill’.

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