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There is so much excitement and anticipation leading up to vacation. There can also be a lot of planning and preparation, but I can help with that and leave more time for the excitement. Nothing will prepare you for the pure bliss feeling when you finally arrive at your destination.

On my descent to land in Maui, I was overwhelmed with joy viewing my surroundings. I knew I wanted to explore as much of the island as possible during our visit.  We rented a car to give us the ability to get around easily and cover as much ground as possible in a week. First things first … we visited a beach.  My dad and I were off to relax at Baldwin Beach after a long day of traveling. This beach was absolutely dreamy. If you enjoy a scenic walk or run it had plenty of options. It was probably the cleanest beach I had ever seen. The views were breathtaking!

We drove from the center of the island to the edge of the island through the mountains of Maui. The famous “Road to Hana” drive was everything and more than I expected. We stopped at many beautiful sights along our route, including the Pipiwai Trail. This beautiful trail had us walking through a bamboo forest and ended with a gorgeous waterfall.

The following day, we were getting ready to set sail to Lana’i for some whale watching. It was whale watching season so we got to see so many of our fish friends! Our excursion included lunch, drinks, and (the best part) snorkeling with sea turtles! After this day full of adventure, we ended our day with another beach visit. We went to Kaanapali Beach, which was a beach open to the public but located in front of resorts, so it was rather crowded.

For a thrill-seeker like me, the ziplining adventure was the highlight of my trip! My dad and I booked with Flyin Hawaiian. This experience included an ATV ride up to the first line and down back to our meeting spot. The views while ziplining were insane as we crossed over 9 different valleys and more! The best part was getting to zipline upside down!

Last, but not least, we visited the Iao Valley State Park and Maui’s Ocean Center. The state park was full of breathtaking views. There are trail options for those who prefer short walks and options for a more aggressive hiking trail. The ocean center was a great look into the sea life of Hawai’I and I highly recommend if you are an animal lover.

This trip satisfied the adventure-seeker in me while offering serene views and sounds to relax. The perfect balance for the ultimate vacation. I’d love to share more with you and help you plan an adventure to Maui.

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