Melissa Recommends: Seasickness Cruise Advice

I like to think that I have a pretty strong stomach.  Not too much will upset me, not food, travel, stress, etc.  But boats/ships/ferries, they all throw a monkey wrench into my plans.  I feel like I’m at one of those ‘meetings’, so, my name is Melissa and I get seasick (sometimes).

OK, so not really seasick, so much.  More like……..hmmm…..I would say more like just a little queasy if the boat is a-rockin’.  I especially don’t like when I’m sitting at the evening show in the theatre, and just before the show begins, they have the curtains pulled, and I’m innocently sitting there, watching the curtains slowly lean to the right, and then middle then slowly to the left……makes me dizzy just thinking about it.

Motion sickness is a battle of your senses, or so described by WebMD. “You get motion sickness when one part of your balance-sensing system (your inner ear, eyes and sensory nerves) senses that your body is moving, but the other parts don’t. For example, if you are in the cabin of a moving ship, your inner ear may sense the motion of waves, but your eyes don’t see any movement. This conflict between the senses causes motion sickness.”

I think if people say that you won’t feel the motion, the ships are so large, the equalizers, the sheer size, these are the same people that probably don’t ever get any sort of motion sickness.
So I’m here to tell you that it’s not so much that you WON’T feel the motion, it’s just determining how quick your body will adjust to the motion?  Mine might be a little slower than yours.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s worth it.

There are so many different methods out there to assist with motion sickness, it’s worth looking at all your options.

Dramamine works for me, there is a less drowsy option too.  I have always had really good luck with this option.
The patch works for many, this one is a small patch you can place behind your ear to help stabelize you.
Wristbands are a nice alternative to drugs.  People that I have recommended this option to, love it, and swear by it.

Final advice:  Cruising is worth it.  Just a little preparation goes a long ways!!!  Have fun!

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