Picturesque Puerto Rico

I traveled to Puerto Rico spending the majority of my time in San Juan and then exploring the West Coast. Two weeks there was not enough!

One of my favorite visits I did on this beautiful island was to El Yunque National Forest. Being one of my first rainforest visits ever, it really set the bar high for the rest. The trail my friend and I took didn’t have much wildlife with the exceptions of birds, but we did come across very plentiful greenery throughout our hike. Some of the prettiest greenery I’ve ever seen. There were waterfalls along the way and of course we made those stops to swim under them! Finally, we made it to the tower that overlooked the entire national park. We could see the top of trees and the birds flying from one to the other. 

I fell in love with the Puerto Rican cuisine in my short time on the island. I attempted to eat as much of it as I could. Mofongo, their most popular dish, made of mashed plantains and often paired with your choice of protein and rice is my number one recommendation! Others I tried and loved include: Alcapurrias, Arepas de coco, Empanadillas, Pinchos, and Bacalaitos! I couldn’t get enough.

I think what shocked me the most though, was the fact that we were able to travel to the other side of the island in just a 2-hour drive. My local friend kept telling me about the beautiful cliffs and waterfalls in Arecibo, so of course, we made our way out there. I highly recommend bring hiking shoes for this as it was a rocky way up to the cliffs, but it was so worth it! The views were amazing! I would do this trip again and again and I can’t wait to get back out there soon!

If you’re ready for your next adventure, contact me to start planning your Puerto Rican dream!

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