The Magic in Mexico

My latest trip to the Mexican Caribbean took me to the Costa Mujeres area. We were lucky enough to spend two weeks out there. Trust me when I say I took advantage of every minute I got to spend there. I spent so much time at the beach. Our group got to know the lovely vendors that came by selling authentic Mexican snacks/goodies. Plus, I think I ate more seafood in these two weeks than I had in my entire life. 


During this trip we also took a day trip to Isla Mujeres! This small group excursion took us by a small boat. We got to make a stop on the way to snorkel above some of the underwater statues they have off the Isla Mujeres coast. After finishing the ride to the island, they took us to another snorkel area where we got to swim with a ton of fish! Then we had a fresh local cuisine and had a few hours of free time on the island. We chose to do some shopping and grab another small bite to eat. Finished off with another beautiful boat ride back to the mainland!


Another fun trip I had to this beautiful peninsula was a group trip with some friends back in 2019. This one stood out to me because it was my first group trip ever! We stayed at an all-inclusive resort but being the adventurers we are, we had the resort set up transportation for us into the heart of Playa del Carmen


We also did another fun day trip to Cozumel! We got to visit the Chankanaab Adventure Park! There were animals to see, its own beach, and snorkeling off their coast and some more underwater statues! 


One thing is for sure, the Mexican Caribbean has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for solely relaxation or would like to venture out into the nearby cities, this place has it all! I cannot wait to go back for more!

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