Safari Experience Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar

Fantastic safari to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar!  I just finished a seventeen-day trip to East Africa and it was fabulous.  First of all, there are no safety issues at all.  The people are wonderful and so friendly.  You always receive an African welcome with a double hand wave and a big smile.  Everyone speaks Swahili and English, as well as their tribal language.  So, there is never a problem communicating.  I took US currency with me and changed some into Kenyan money at the first hotel.  I used this mostly just when I purchased items from local people.  Other than that, I used US currency and credit cards.  Having a guide with us all the time, including meeting you in Nairobi when you get off your long flight, was great.  They took care of you all the time and there were never any issues.  It was such a comfortable way to travel.

We stayed in lodges and tented camps with wildlife at your door step.  You were told to make sure that between 6:30pm and 6:30am you did not go out walking without a ranger with you, due to the wildlife. Our accommodations had all the comforts of home, including wi-fi in all of the locations.  The food was excellent.  All of the meals were included and ranged from freshly grown vegetables at the lodge to local meats.  There was a great variety of food and something for everyone, including vegetarians.  At each place we stayed, they made sure to verify if there were any restrictions so that they could accommodate everyone.

The wildlife was unbelievable.  There were herds of elephant, giraffes, zebras and we saw the end of the wildebeest migration.  Did you know that there are three types of giraffe in Kenya?  They are the Rothschild, Reticulated and Masai giraffe.  We saw so many babies.  There was a two-week old elephant with its mother and siblings and the mother tried to find the easiest way for the baby to get through the ditch alongside the road and up the embankment.  We just sat and watched them figure it out and help the baby.  It was great to watch the babies learn to walk, run and figure out what to do with their trunk.

Stay tuned for more about my African Adventure.

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