If you are ready for relaxation head to Xolumado.

Xolumado is a resort by Karisma located in the Riviera Maya. This resort opened in 2018 and is located just minutes from Generations. As a guest at Xolumado you have access to that Generations. You can head over to the beach, restaurants and enjoy the entertainment.

The accommodations at Xolumado are beautiful. You will stay in huts inspired by the Mexican culture, which is also infused throughout the grounds of the resort. The grounds are very tranquil and there is very relaxing music played throughout the resort. When you step out the front door of your hut you can lay in your own personal hammock and enjoy the lush greenery that surrounds you.

This is a smaller resort with just 41 cottages. The restaurant on this property is FANTASTIC!  Everything tasted incredibly fresh. There were plenty of food options for you to choose from and the menu changes daily. There is also a pool for you to enjoy and plenty of relaxing seating areas for you to relax and enjoying your surroundings.

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