What to Wear to a Tropical Destination Wedding?

It’s time to pack for a destination wedding that you are attending. One of the biggest questions you ask yourself is … what should I wear?

Here are a few tips for you …

Most tropical weddings are going to be on the beach so please keep that in mind when picking shoes. I would bring a sandal with no heel for the wedding and then if there is a dance floor, then put on the heels and dance the night away. Men can get away with a nice pair of leather sandals as well. No need for the fancy dress shoes. Also, many brides may even say NO SHOES. There aren’t many things that feel better than dipping your toes in the sand, plus then there are no worries about getting sand in your shoes.

Wedding Attire
It will be warm so I would recommend a sun dress for the ladies and then linen pants and shirt for the men.
For the men check with the bride and groom, but most do not require you to wear a jacket. A nice linen shirt along with  linen pants is usually just right, but shorts are a NO-NO.  Ladies remember there are those ocean breezes … so think longer dresses so there are no Marilyn moments during the ceremony. Be sure that your dress fabric is light and not clingy, preferably breathable. You want to be comfortable and tropical while dressed for a wedding. There are weddings that are done at sunset so you will want to bring along a scarf or a pashmina to keep you warm with those ocean breezes.

Don’t Forget
You need SUNSCREEN as there is usually little to no shade during the ceremony. Yes, it tends to be a shorter ceremony, but there is still plenty of time to get burnt!

Each destination wedding is different it could be  beach-formal, semi-formal or casual weddings. Please make sure you understand what kind of wedding it will be before picking out your outfits.

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