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Business Travel Returns

Business travel is coming back. According to an October survey by the Global Business Travel Association, 78 percent of travel managers expect the number of business trips

Quark Expeditions

Iceland and Greenland For Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomena that lights up the sky with a stunningly beautiful palette of colors. People travel far and wide to remote destinations,

Quark Expeditions

A Guide to Greenland Sightseeing

Some sightseeing adventures produce a cache of memories to last a lifetime, especially if the sightseeing adventures are in a destination far removed from your everyday life.


Group Travel Tips

Solo travel is easy, right? You go where you want, stay where you want and do what you want. But what happens when you’re going someplace with

Jo Ann Buening

The Story Behind Jo Ann’s Alaska Picks

About 20 years ago, I began promoting travel to Alaska. Each year I would select a specific date and itinerary that I thought was the best; block

Kayla Johnson

Bellissimo Italy!

I had the pleasure of visiting Italy this summer and it was in a word, Bellissimo!  Our family spent two whirlwind nights in Rome and managed to

Krislanny Flores

Christmas Market Beverages

Glühwein, translated to “mulled wine”, is a delicious hot alcoholic drink made from red or white wine as the base and spiced with seasonings. I heard a

Krislanny Flores

Christmas River Cruising

I recently had the opportunity to sail aboard the Emerald Dawn Star Ship through the Rhine and Main River with the itinerary being centered on Europe’s Christmas

Krislanny Flores

La Vita in Venice

After my month-long visit to Venice, Italy, I have reaffirmed my love for this beautiful country! Italy was always a dream of mine as a little girl,

Meridith O'Toole

Festive Season in the Heart of Germany

The European Christmas Markets exceeded my expectations and there is no better way to see them then on a river cruise. I sailed on Tanquility II with

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Find “Off Season” Deals for Travel to Europe

Traveling to Europe during the “off season” (November through March) has a few drawbacks offset by many advantages.  The disadvantages are that some popular attractions will have

TVL Leaders

Travel the Galapagos Islands by Land or Sea

Did you know that the Galapagos Islands were the first location in the world to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site?  This honor, bestowed in 1979,