Viking River Cruise Culinary Experience

Viking River Cruises focuses on destination dining. The menu on board offers regional cuisine along with classics, there is something for everyone. Viking uses locally sourced ingredients

Cruising the Danube

This past summer (2022) I visited 5 countries in Europe in 5 weeks. I had the pleasure of sailing with Viking River Cruises on the Danube River.

The Inca people of Peru

The Inca people of Peru have fascinated historians and archeologists alike for their advanced building techniques, farming practices, and cultural superiority.  The ancient city of Cusco was

Private Berlin Christmas Walking Tour

Christmas markets are popular all over Europe – it’s fun to roam the streets in different cities, sampling the holiday treats and enjoying Christmas music and traditions

Ringin’ in the New Year in Paris

All my life I dreamed of watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle, sitting outside of a French café, sipping on a latte, and enjoying a croissant. This year

The Magic in Mexico

My latest trip to the Mexican Caribbean took me to the Costa Mujeres area. We were lucky enough to spend two weeks out there. Trust me when I say

Picturesque Puerto Rico

I traveled to Puerto Rico spending the majority of my time in San Juan and then exploring the West Coast. Two weeks there was not enough! One of my

Arctic vs. Antarctic Cruise

Penguins or polar bears? Are you interested in traveling to the most remote destination of the Northern Hemisphere or the southernmost part of the Southern Hemisphere? Do you wish