Visit the Island of Holbox

Love the Yucatan in Mexico?  Take the short ferry ride off the peninsula to the island of Holbox – where the art of relaxation has been perfected!

Spend Time in Crete when Visiting Greece

Traveling to Greece?  Athens and Santorini of course, but spend a few days in Crete for some “off-the-beaten-path” experiences. Crete is the largest of the Greek Isles,

Unique Features of Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean, often referred to as a paradise on Earth, is a region renowned for its stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, vibrant culture, and diverse landscapes.  This

Best Places to Visit in Asia

Researching great destinations for Asian travel is like listing the number of species of fish in Australia’s Barrier Reef – there are SO many places that are

Trusted Traveler Program

The airport continues to get busier. That’s why you should consider enrolling in the Transportation Security Administration’s Trusted Traveler program. Both TSA PreCheck and Global Entry allow

Paradise in the Maldives

The Maldives is the definition of PARADISE. You are surround by turquoise waters, powdery white sand beaches and the most luxurious overwater bungalows. This is the trip you take to

A Kindermoon is the Perfect Way to Celebrate

I recently celebrate my daughter’s 5th birthday and kindermoon in California. A KINDERMOON, a celebration vacation before starting kindergarten, is a special way for family to commemorate

Applying for TSA PreCheck

Whether you’re flying for business or leisure, the benefits of signing up for TSA PreCheck are even more valuable in today’s travel climate, when you want to minimize the time

Luxury Gold on the Emerald Isle

I have traveled to Europe on multiple occasions, but this was my first group tour experience. I enjoyed group travel even more than I could have imagined and

Business Travel Returns

Business travel is coming back. According to an October survey by the Global Business Travel Association, 78 percent of travel managers expect the number of business trips